The U.S. Navy Just Detonated a Huge Bomb Near a Supercarrier


The U.S. Navy has released footage of a full ship shock trial taking place next to the USS Gerald Ford, one of the newest and largest supercarriers in the world.

In the video, a huge explosion breaks the surface of the ocean, which was located somewhere on the east coast of the U.S. The explosion was so powerful, it registered as a magnitude 4 earthquake 161 kilometers off of Florida. 

Footage of the shock trial and explosion was uploaded on YouTube on June 21 by Irish public broadcast service RTE. 

Seaworthiness Trial

The U.S. Navy regularly uses explosives for its seaworthiness trials, which tests whether its ships can meet the most grueling demands in a naval battle. That includes the harshest conditions the enemy could throw at the most expensive warship ever made. The USS Gerald Ford cost the Navy a whopping P510 billion ($10.4 billion), and you don't want a single missile worth $1,000. 

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