DDS: Let's all join Duterte's Democracy Squad!

Or are we just fans of Davao Digital Signage? Data Delivery Service? Dewey Decimal System?
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People Power is turning 31 this year, but don’t expect a big celebration. This year’s anniversary on February 24 will be "sober and simple" according to Senior Deputy Executive Secretary Menardo Guevarra, which would make it the saddest birthday bash hashtag ever.  Remember to use #soberandsimple2017 you guys!

Don’t take it personally, People Power, because Guevarra explained that "[j]ust like any young lady who's celebrating her 18th birthday, we normally celebrate it with pomp. But when she celebrates her 19th birthday, that doesn't mean that if there's no celebration similar to her debut that her birthday is given any less significance."

Nothing to worry about then, People. We can call you People, right? Unless of course there’s a plan to hold another event the following day. That would be awkward. Something like, let’s say, asking people from all over the country to join an alternative gathering at Quirino Grandstand. In which case the polite and proper response would be, “[i]n no way are we trying to treat this activity with political color. This is just to support President Duterte,” if you are Interior Secretary John Castriciones. Fair enough. The President needs the support of his people after a bit of negative press caused by the recent testimony of self-described DDS leader Arthur Lascañas. It’s a case of unfortunate scheduling.

You might be torn on which event you want to attend, so more details on President Duterte's event might help: It's a gathering and prayer vigil held from February 25th to 26th at Luneta in support of the President’s war against illegal drugs, poverty and corruption. That means praying for a successful war. Not a journalist Mocha Uson even shared a hashtag for the event: #unitedDDS. You may ask-finding the blunt honesty quite refreshing-does that stand for what you think it stands for? The answer is yes: United Democracy & Duterte Supporters. If you thought it meant something else, we have news for you: it’s not just a Davao thing anymore. We’re nationwide, baby! Underscoring that Castriciones said “we would like to create [the] impression that not only people from Manila could effect change.”


Personally, we'd hate to miss out on either one. Perhaps the organizers could move both events to the same date and make it a single big bash? We recommend Sunday because it’s the only day traffic isn’t deadly these days. Senator Trillanes will tell you.

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