Trump has insulted 281 people, places, and things on Twitter

IMAGE The New York Times

Here's a terrible sentence: There's no one on Earth who loves some good Twitter drama quite as much as the U.S. presidential Republican nominee, Donald Trump. Trump has fought with Mark Cuban, Elizabeth Warren, Ted Cruz, Megyn Kelly, Chrissy Teigen...the list goes on and on. In fact, the official list of Trump takes up two full pages in The New York Times, and we know this for sure because the publication did some serious Twitter digging.

On Monday morning, The Times posted printed a full two-page spread of all the put-downs Trump has tweeted, directed at everyone from good ol' Crooked Hillary to Jeb(!) Bush(!). The list also includes former Miss Universe Alicia Machado, who Trump called "disgusting" and his "worst Miss U", and Paul Ryan, who apparently "does zilch" and "doesn't know how to win."

Perhaps the only thing Trump isn't discriminatory with is his insult-slinging, so he hasn't only stuck to humans. The Times also detailed his hatred of various news organizations, publications, television shows, and—hell, why not— the mainstream media itself. The most recent insults are highlighted—you know, because there are just so many that organization is 100% necessary.


You can read the comprehensive list in its entirety here. Sad!

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