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To pretend otherwise is just to build the walls of your sandcastle higher.
"This is no bluff"—famously, a thing one says when one is definitely not bluffing.
He's weathered public scorn in the past, but unpredictable threats loom on the monarch's horizon.
The line to see the queen's coffin was four miles long-and along the way there were protests and arrests.
She has never been and will never be defined by a man and the status of their marriage.
I believe the fears that the Supreme Court poses a threat to other rights are overblown. (Though I've been wrong before.) Understanding why requires going beyond the usual talking points and digging into doctrine.
The legal history of the United States is strongly on the side of the sensible regulation of firearms, no matter what the gun-fondling political right might say.
I sure as hell am not in the mood for any discussion of the "appropriateness" of Beto O'Rourke's press conference interruption.
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