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The MMDA and various LGUs and NGAs have approved the traffic-management plan.
Let's just say that co-host Andy Cohen isn't fazed.
"I would like to be on a platform where I could openly share how I feel without being harshly criticized."
As a national uprising mounts against the Islamic Republic, young women wait for deceptively simple things, like the ability to wear their hair uncovered. For one writer, spending a month with his Iranian niece put it all in perspective.
At least when the North Koreans fire missiles into the ocean, they hit the ocean they’re aiming at.
BRP Teresa Magbanua is the Philippine Coast Guard’s largest and most advanced vessel.
He is the husband of one of the first lady's closest aides.
A trip from Malolos to Manila will take less than 40 minutes. 
The Philippines is expected to be one of eight countries to lead the population increase until 2050.
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