10 Things Every Man Should Have in His Pockets

You can tell a lot about a man by what’s in his pockets.

Excluding the balls of lint and scrunched-up receipts we occasionally find from time to time, the things a man carries reveal much about his priorities, his preferences, and his lifestyle. Any guy would feel naked without his smartphone, for example. Everyone brings with them things they find essential yet if men become more conscious about the items he carries with him, he is able to make the most out of what he has and be at his best every time. The key ideals here are preparedness, efficiency, and style.

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Hermes wallet

Leather Wallet

Needless to say, a wallet holds some of your most essential like your money, IDs, credit cards, and other documents. Keep things neat and trim with a sleek leather billfold.



Brooks Brothers handkerchief


The best reason to carry a handkerchief is to loan it out. It’s a chivalrous gesture. Also, to dab the sweat off your forehead after a walking under a hot day, or to quickly wipe the snot from your nose instead of swiping on your sleeve. Get your hankies monogrammed for a touch of style.


Muller & Bros coin case

Coin purse

Don’t weigh your wallet down with loose change. Keep your billfold intact and in shape by carrying a separate coin purse. It’s also handy for when you need the change to tip the parking attendant or pay for public transport.


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Superior Labor key case

Key case

Keys secure what belongs to us and allows us to go places. A keychain keeps our keys in one place, but an efficient utility key case allows us to carry other tools like a bottle opener, a lighter, or a miniature knife comfortably in your pocket.


Victorinox Swiss knife

Swiss army knife

Pocket knives aren’t just for hooligans and delinquents on the street. In fact, a Swiss army knife could be one of the most valuable tools you can carry. Imagine having to cut a letter or a package open, peel fruit, open a bottle of beer, uncork a wine bottle, fasten loose screws — the opportunities are endless.



Le Labo solid cologne

Solid cologne

The perfume a man wears is an expression of his identity. A signature scent, meanwhile, becomes an extension of himself. Go light and mess-free with solid cologne in a compact case, tiny enough to fit one’s pockets for quick touch-ups right before a date or an important business meeting.


Baxter comb


Keep your old-school pomp in check by carrying a comb. It’s the quickest way to maintain your hairstyle and make sure every strand is in place with every trip to the bathroom. A slim, travel-sized comb should slide perfectly in your slacks’ pockets, but those with tighter pouches can opt for a wallet-sized comb that can easily fit inside your wallet.



Barbour flask


While a flask can bring some serious class, the important thing to remember is discretion, to avoid lurching into boozehound territory. Unless you’re offering it to someone else, only take a swig out of it when you’re away from public view. Hold your liquor. And for God’s sake, don’t bring your flask to work. When done right, a flask can be a great way to start conversation and forge friendships.


Cross pen


It’s easy to forget about the pen, yet chances are, you’ll need your pen more often than you think. Whether you need to jot something down, sign forms and contracts, or pass a note to a colleague quickly, it’s always handy to have something ready to scribble with.




Reporter’s notebook

Just as practical as it is to bring a pen, it makes sense to have a notebook ready with you to write on. You can’t always be fumbling around for paper, especially for situations where there is none. A reporter’s notebook is slim and tiny enough to bring with you everywhere.

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