5 No-Fail Gift Ideas That Women Will Love

This Christmas, give her what she really wants without trying too hard.
5 No-Fail Gift Ideas That Women Will Love

Buying gifts for the special women in our lives can be an emotional ordeal. We tend to put a lot of pressure on ourselves to get the perfect gift—so much pressure, sometimes, that the holidays become the most stressful season of the year.

But the truth is that it doesn't help to stress out over an act of sincerity and generosity. Calm down and remind yourself that presents don’t have to be extravagant—it's more important that they're intimate and meaningful. Rather than worrying about scale or grandiosity, think of a gift that feels personal.

Instead of putting all that pressure on yourself, it helps to calm down and just chill. Look back at your memories with that person, think of what they would really, deeply appreciate. That's the best way to get ideas for gifts that feel genuine and sincere. And if even that fails, still don't panic! Sit back and consider giving them any of these:

A Decent Pair of Wireless Earphones
Everybody needs earphones, especially with traffic the way it is these days. You can listen to music, stream videos, or catch a podcast as your car slowly trudges its way through EDSA. That’s why another pair is always a welcome sight. It could be an upgrade, or it could be a spare—either way, it’s useful. Just don’t go overboard with the sound quality, as not everyone’s an audiophile. An 8,000-peso pair of earphones might come off as trying too hard.

A Stylish Canteen
People who don’t already own one are usually surprised at how handy an insulated, stainless steel canteen really is. It keeps your morning coffee warm as you rush off to work. It keeps your water cool while you’re sweating it out at the gym. It's a versatile gift that works for anyone—especially if it looks good.

An Instant Camera
Don't underestimate the value of an actual, physical picture. While phones today can take some amazing photos, there’s a certain charm to printed-out pics that isn’t quite captured on an LED screen. Plus, they’re always great for decorating. An instant-print film camera can be way more fun to use in casual settings, and allow you to embrace moments together as they happen.

A Cozy Cardigan
The cardigan is one of the most flexible pieces in any wardrobe, so a good one will always be put to use. They’re great for snuggling in on a lazy day at home and extremely handy for movie dates in frigid theaters. They’re not so thick that they can’t be worn as a stylish extra layer on regular days, but can be really comfortable when the weather’s cooler than usual. Pick one in a neutral tone, like beige or navy blue so that it pairs with multiple outfits. And if it comes in men’s sizes, try one on for yourself and see if it passes the itch test—no one wants an itchy jacket, after all.

A (Subtly) Personalized Bag
Bags are as no-fail as you can get when it comes to Christmas gifts since everyone and their mother needs to carry things around with them. And while designer pieces are always loved, they can feel a little contrived as a casual gift—both for the recipient and your wallet. Instead, go for a well-crafted leather bag that won’t break the bank, and can be used every day. If you want it to be a little more special, ask if it can have her initials stamped on somewhere discreet. It makes the bag uniquely hers without screaming her name to everyone that passes.

When it comes to gift-giving, it always pays off to relax. There’s no need to wow her with extravagance, and there’s a limit to how much effort you can put into a gift before making someone feel awkward. Instead, just try to express your thoughtfulness with a present she could actually use on the regular.

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