Who Has Been The Most Stylish Man Of 2018? Round One: Timothée Chalamet vs. Zayn Malik

Welcome to our first knockout match.
IMAGE Ana Davila

Annual best-dressed lists make little sense. That's because a whole lot of backroom politics and planning go into it. So this year, Esquire is asking its readers to decide who is our Most Stylish Man Of The Year in a tournament for the ages... 

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our first knockout match of Esquire's Style Trial: our reader-decides tournament to deduce the Most Stylish Man of 2018. And what a first round it is. 

A random sweepstake has called our first knockout: Timothée 'Peaches and Cream' Chalamet, against Zayn 'Time to Dye' Malik. What a time to be alive. 

And so to the blue corner. Chalamet, clocking in at one Oscar nomination, has become something of a rising star in the fashion world. He's got hair lovelier than a young Jennifer Aniston (most of the time), and is pictured in everything from Saint Laurent to Off-White. They don't loan clothes to just anyone, y'know. 

What's more, he's found a red carpet uniform for himself at the tender age of 22: a colored suit and a lack of tie. Impressive, especially when most of us were still in the throes of post-adolescent hormones that made spray-on-jeans seem acceptable.


Then, to the red corner, the brooding, diamond-cutting-jawlined figure that is Zayn Malik. Less considered than Chalamet, sure, but this man takes risks: blue hair, pink hair, no hair. And surely, that's what your twenties are for, no? 

Better yet, the 25-year-old flits between relative formalitysee the tattooed librarian below for further detailsand off-duty with ease, filling out Tommy Hilfiger just as well as any custom three-piece.

So: who wins?

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