The Ultra Specific Watch Gift Guide for the Many People in Your Life

There’s a timepiece for everyone (and we mean everyone) on your list. Don’t believe us? Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. 

There are few things in life more gratifying than receiving, or in your case, giving, a watch. It’s a daily companion on your wrist, and will remind the wearer of your thoughtfulness every single time. You can even go the extra mile by engraving the case back with a special message if you’re feeling sentimental.

Here’s a list of helpful suggestions. We’ll leave the cheesy quote up to you.   

1| For Your Eccentric Magpie Grandma 

Her bedroom is overflowing with odds and ends, and thanks to her pack-rat habits, you grew up with a natural appreciation for vintage and antiques. Her style has always leaned toward the quirky, so the Hermès Arceau Casaque will be the perfect accent for her madcap mix of patterns and prints.

The bright yellow strap and enamel dial with a herringbone motif looks like it won’t go with anything, which is precisely why it will go with everything. Greeenbelt 3,


2| For Your Hypebeast Millennial Nephew 

He explained to you what it means to be woke and get turnt. You watch his Instagram Stories to find out what all the cool kids are doing. He’s super dedicated to his sneaker collection, but maybe it’s time you introduce him to things that last… like an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph.

The brown ceramic model is a first for the brand—and you know he always likes to own things first. He’s also really going to like the camo print. Greenbelt 5,

3| For Your Venture Capitalist Workout Buddy 

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You hit the gym with your super competitive buddy because he pushes you each time. (Also, you’re hoping he’ll infuse more seed money into your startup.) His phone buzzes with nonstop notifications during your three-hour martial arts class, so the Tag Heuer Connected Modular should help him stay up-to-date.

The rubber strap ensures it’ll move with him, but he can also fully customize it to fit his needs. Hopefully, he’ll remember to pay the generosity forward come pitch time. Glorietta 4,

4| For Your Holistic Health Nut Dad 

Something happened to your father when he hit senior citizenhood: He started drinking alkaline water, stocking your kitchen with apple cider vinegar, and taking salt baths. Maybe the realities of aging have encouraged him to take better care of his health, and hey, you’re all for it. The Philip Stein Signature Watch would be a great fit for him.


He’ll appreciate the Natural Frequency Technology’s ability to help him sleep better and manage stress, and you’ll appreciate how he’ll always be in a light, lifted mood. Adora, Greenbelt 5,   

5| For Your Girlfriend Who’s Not Expecting Anything 

Read between the lines: of course she is. By now you know better than to fall for that “I just want quality time with you” line. This year, give her Quality Time in the form of the Tiffany T 2-Hand.

She’ll know it’s something good the moment she gets a glimpse of that eggshell blue, and she’ll love how it doubles as an ultra-discreet wrist cuff. The dial is fitted with a single baguette-cut diamond to mark 12 o’clock, which could also hint that the clock is ticking on getting her that other diamond, if you know what we mean. Rustan's Makati,


6| For Your Superstitious Boss 

He never schedules meetings at 4 pm (because the number four is synonymous with death in some cultures) and is incredibly vigilant about his desk’s feng shui. Show him you’re on board and ready to put in the work for 2019 by gifting him with the Chopard L.U.C XP Urushi Year of the Pig.

The design is in commemoration of the coming Chinese New Year, with the pig’s healthy state indicating prosperity. It’s also a beautiful showcase of the brand’s signature lacquer technique, and guarantees a prediction of auspicious relations ahead. Greenbelt 5,

7| For Your Hipster Bro 


We know, hipsters are so five years ago—which is why he’s even more committed to his vinyl records, carefully crafted mustache, and French Press coffee than ever before. You’ve got to give the guy credit for embracing all things old-school, so here’s a watch with vintage appeal: a Seiko Presage SRPB63J1.

The vintage-style numerals will remind him of the clock in an old subway station, and the LumiBrite hands allow him to tell time in even the most dimly lit speakeasy. Tell him you scored it at a thrift shop and he’ll love it even more. Glorietta 1,

8| For Your Adventure-Seeking Drinking Buddy 

You love throwing it back with this guy since he regales you with stories that get increasingly outrageous as the night wears on. Are they all true? Probably not, but who cares? It’s fun getting a vicarious thrill as he tells you about the time he went diving with sharks in South Africa or surfing in the Gold Coast. This is definitely someone who can make good use of the Omega Seamaster Diver 300M.


This edition reintroduces the classic wave pattern on the dial, all the better to remind him of his times at sea. Greenbelt 5,

9| For Your Indecisive Favorite Cousin 

He’s always late to family gatherings, likely because he couldn’t decide which pair of shoes to wear. Luckily, you’ve got that covered by giving him a Daniel Wellington Classic St Mawes + Glasgow Gift Set.

Daniel Wellington made watches with handy interchangeable straps cool again, which is ideal because this way, he doesn’t have to commit to a style until the absolute last second. But be warned: It might add even more minutes to his prep time. Greenbelt 3,              

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