Best Shoes for Tropical Weather

Sun’s up! In the same way that you’d reach for short-sleeved shirts and linen shorts, so should you put on cool, lightweight footwear. From slip-ons to sandals to sneakers, here are the shoes that will give your feet a break during the dog days of summer.

1| The grown-up sandal

How to wear sandals: Choose an elegant pair and make sure feet are clean.

Kenneth Cole, Rustan’s Makati

2|  The stylish slides

No to slippers. Yes to colored slides with criss-cross straps.


Slides by Pedro, Greenbelt

3| The canvas slip-ons

For all around loafing.

Chuck Taylor All Star Deck Star '67 by Converse, Greenbelt

4| The nautical sneaker

You can’t go wrong with shoes that can take you from dry land to ocean.

Sneakers by Sperry, Glorietta

5| The throwback sneaker

The velcro straps of youth gets a cool update.

watch now

Sneakers by Kenneth Cole, Rustan’s Makati

6| The flexible chukka

Spain is home to some of the best beaches in the world and also this handmade canvas chukka.

Chukkas by Oli13, Rustan’s Makati

7| The out-the-door loafer

Forget laces. Loafers allow you to walk out the door in seconds.


Loafers by Allen Edmonds, Rustan’s Makati

8| The pop-of-color loafer

A loafer option in preppy green. Wear without socks.

Loafer by Dune, Greenbelt

9| The pre-worn brogue

The burnished bits say you have traveled to many summer destinations (even if you haven’t).

Brogues by Allen Edmonds, Rustan’s Makati

10| The ventilated lace-up

The woven leather lace-up cools hardworking feet.

Shoes by Dune, Greenbelt

11| The blue shoe

For summer moments that require a proper shoe, choose inky monkstraps that mimic the sky and ocean.

Double-monkstrap shoes by Santoni, Shangri-La at The Fort

12| The favorite sneaker

Finally, you can’t go wrong with white sneakers. This one is in leather.


One Star sneakers by Converse, Greenbelt

Now, What Causes Sweaty Feet?

Sweat from feet is much like sweat from any other part of the body, in that it is triggered by warm  temperature, particular emotions like embarrassment or fear, and even spicy food like jjambong (a chemical in hot peppers make the body feel warm).

Outside of these stimuli, your sweaty feet may be an indication of a medical condition. Maybe you have hyperhidrosis, which, says Cedars Sinai Medical Center, is profuse sweating that occurs in the hands, armpits, and, yes, the feet. The facility also notes that six percent of Asians suffer from the wet, uncomfortable, and annoying malady. Hyperhidrosis also affects more men than women. Yup.

If you are one of these unlucky feet sweaters, there are a few things to try: Obviously, wash your feet and then dry them completely; wear moisture-wicking socks or carry an extra pair for really terrible sweaty feet days; also, apply cornstarch or anti-bacterial powder.

Of course, the shoes above will keep feet cool. Try them. And we also hear a session of Botox arrests sweat. Please tell us how this last one works out.

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