21 Recycled Bottles Will Keep You Dry This Storm Season

Stay dry, save the planet.

Consider this: Rain jackets are made with perflourinated compounds (PFCs), a super-strong synthetic material that gives surfaces the ability to repel water. That’s all well and good (it’s what keeps you dry and comfortable), but because PFCs possess such strong molecular bonds, they don’t break down so easily in the environment. When PFCs are absorbed through food, air, or water, they can cause harm to you or your furry friends. 

So, yes, PFCs are not ideal, but it has been difficult to find an alternative to the environmentally unfriendly but effective-against-water material that has been used by almost all outerwear companies for decades. What to do? Columbia took apart the traditional way of making rain jackets to develop last year’s OutDry Extreme, a new kind of rain gear that keeps water out while letting your clammy sweat escape, all while being green. The easiest way to explain the green part is that they removed the layer treated with PFCs and installed a waterproof membrane that does the same thing. 


This year, they’ve made the PFC-free jacket even better. The OutDry Extreme Eco jacket is made from 100 percent recycled polyester and approximately 21 recycled bottles—a material choice that reduces the energy needed for its production as well as the burden on landfills. The jacket is also notably white or really un-dyed. Skipping the dyeing process further reduces water, energy, and chemicals used in its manufacturing, saving approximately 51 liters of water per jacket.

There are even more green features built into the jacket: packaging is well-considered; cleaning is done by simply wiping it, which reduces the need to use more water; an end-of-life program is available. Columbia calls this a sustainable solution for extreme conditions, and we agree. When the forces of nature hover threateningly, know that this shield will protect both you and the planet.  

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