5 Rules That Will Elevate Your Style Game

Your look says a lot about who you are.
5 Rules That Will Elevate Your Style Game

Style is subjective. Fashion moves in cycles and trends come and go—what’s considered stylish today might be a meme tomorrow. One can easily stumble into sartorial relevance by sticking to classic pieces and clinging to the same outfit for decades. And while it’s easy enough to identify what looks great in the present, it takes work to truly polish your personal style. You can’t be too cool to care about how you look nowadays. If you’re stumped on how to get to the next level, perhaps it’s time to review some rules.

1. Always be conscious of what you’re putting on

On casual days, at home, or on the quickest-ever errand to the corner store, a truly well-dressed man will never be caught looking like a slob. You don’t have to spend a fortune on every single shirt you wear, though. Just don’t allow yourself to look sloppy—or that you put together your outfit with your eyes closed—either. You don’t want to draw attention for the wrong reasons.

2. Up your style by trying on the latest trends

Great style is also timeless, but the most stylish men are bold enough to try the new look of the moment. Don't be afraid to jump in headfirst if a new trend is tempting you–printed shirts, cropped trousers, or boxy fits–and become known as a guy who gets it ahead of everyone else. Just don't go overboard and revamp your wardrobe every season.

3. Find a statement piece and make it yours

It’s worth owning something as part of your personal brand–even if just among your peers. Owning a leather jacket when no one else dares? Go for it. Maybe trash the box on a rare pair of sneaks and wear them every day, or even a unique baseball cap. These small flourishes are always noticed.

4. Create your uniform

The pressure to look good every day can be overwhelming. If you find yourself drawing blanks, then follow in the steps of many style icons and come up with your own “uniform.” A killer outfit that you can wear every day without fail.

5. Complete your grooming ritual with the right fragrance that suits you

Good grooming involves what you're wearing, how your hair looks, the clarity of your skin, and, of course, how you smell.  Stay on top of your grooming and personal hygiene then finish it off with a fragrance you personally like.

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