5 Stylish Gifts For the Man Who Wears the Same Clothes Every Day

Including a replacement for those shoes he's been wearing for three years.
5 Stylish Gifts For the Man Who Wears the Same Clothes Every Day

For some men, getting dressed in the morning isn’t so much a matter of style as it is a matter of habit. Whether or not they mean to, they develop personal uniforms: wardrobes filled with clothes that assemble into pretty much the same outfit every day—safe and inoffensive, but boring.

If you aren’t this type of guy yourself, you likely know someone who is. And that person, whoever he is, precludes himself from the joys of dressing up—a joy that we should all have the right to. So, for the upcoming holidays, consider giving him the gift of that joy. Here are a few trendy but wearable pieces from MANGO that can help revitalize a wardrobe so full of staples and essentials that it’s forgotten to live a little:

Extend his staples with a stylish pair of boots.

Boots tend to be overlooked because we live in a tropical country, but that doesn’t mean they won’t come in handy. Functional and versatile, the right pair of boots can go from the boardroom to the airport without a hitch. They will also fare well in wet weather. These brown leather desert boots tick all the boxes. They're reliable, but also have character.

Belts don’t have to be boring.

A reversible leather belt offers both mileage and style, while a supple, braided leather belt updates a casual look (without you needing to guess your giftee’s waistline). A recycled leather belt can be a heavy hitter that weighs light on the conscience, and a croc-effect leather belt can make any outfit look put-together. With so many options, there’s no excuse for wearing one with its edges worn out. Just be sure to get a belt that matches the leather shoes he already has.

Wallets do more than keep the fundamentals.

The wallet is an essential that a man typically keeps for years, but there are obvious signs that one is due for a replacement. Is the material worn or the stitching frayed? Does it sport a print that doesn’t belong in this decade? For an update, a classic, durable leather wallet will never go out of style—subtle textures and patterns will also go a long way in giving it some personality.

Luxe sweaters make a subtle statement.

Functional and comfortable, cashmere sweaters are the ultimate style update this season. Soft knits in bold colors are great for frequent travelers (or guys who work in really cold offices), adding texture and flourish to a casual get-up.

A good coat will stand the test of time.

If you've been friends for a while, you'll have seen a lot of his photos in cooler climes—and noticed the same coat reappearing in each and every one of them. A frequent flyer will very likely appreciate a new one. This one in soft grey wool comes with detachable faux-fur lapels that will lend him more versatility on his travels.

For more gift ideas from classic to trendy, you can check out the men’s gift guide at the MANGO website.

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