6 Cool Picks for the Practical, No-Frills Guy

The technology behind these clothes is the future.
6 Cool Picks for the Practical, No-Frills Guy

It’s second nature for us guys to look at both form and function in anything we buy. We want our things to not only look good, but also to make our lives easier. If it isn’t practical, it isn’t a priority. 

All the same rules apply to menswear. Our clothes have to both look sharp and solve a problem or two. New clothing technologies now make it easier for us to find items that meet both criteria, such as these pieces: 

1. Comfy leather shoes that keep your feet dry

We all love a good leather shoe, but to be brutally honest, most pairs out there—with their hard soles and non-breathable material—are a pain to wear. These shoes, which use Airflex technology on their soles, provide enhanced support, flexibility, and relief from pressure. Their Freshfeet finish draws moisture away from the skin, keeping your feet dry all day long.

2. Trousers that stay comfy, regardless of the weather

Rain-drenched pants are never fashionable. These trousers use water-repellent Stormwear technology, allowing them to withstand the elements better than other pants can. The fabric also features a unique climate-control system that adjusts to the temperature, becoming cooler or warmer as you need it.

3. Slim-fit jeans that let you move

While the silhouette created by slim-fit jeans is pretty sharp, some pairs are so tight that they actually restrict your movement. That isn’t the case with these jeans, which are made with Ergoflex fabric that stretches with each move you make and doesn’t compromise your mobility.

4. Formal shirts that don’t take an expert to iron

Long-sleeved button-downs are a staple in every man’s wardrobe, but they look absolutely terrible when they aren’t pressed right. These shirts, however, feature a specially developed cotton material and construction that make ironing unnecessary. They’ll stay crease-free even after washing.

5. Low-maintenance suits you can wear in any season

Any man who owns a suit or two knows how their upkeep can be an inconvenience, to put it mildly. They can’t get wet, dry-cleaning is your only wash option, and pressing them to get those perfect creases is a delicate process. These suits break all those rules. The material is made with Stormwear technology, which repels water but is completely machine-washable. The Supercrease tech in the fabric, on the other hand, gives it a sharp, permanent crease in all the right places.

6. Underwear that will keep you cool and fresh

Yes, we’ve come to a time where basic underwear is a thing of the past. This hipster has StayNEW technology which reduces bobbling and color loss (no more bacon briefs!). The Climate Control Underwear draws moisture away from the skin, which gives you the feeling of cool, dry, and fresh hence the name.

All these items and more can be found at Marks & Spencer. The brand’s latest menswear and accessories were developed with the practical man in mind—and they look great, too. Visit a Marks & Spencer store and check out these items today.

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