A Made-For-Golf Polo Shirt Says You Are Master Of Life And Summer

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For you, the man who puts a little more care about how he presents himself to the world, the polo shirt is the clothing of choice for summer. Two things to like: Its arm-baring sleeves provide relief in the heat and, when cut right (at mid-arm), it shows off all the hard work you've been putting in at the gym. More important, the collar, that bit of fabric around the neck, sets you apart from the don't-care T-shirt crowd. 

Together, these details lend a laidback but dressed-up feel to its wearer. When you put on a polo shirt, you say: “I am a grown up reveling in the pleasures of summer. Do you want to join me on my yacht?” 

Now, consider a shake up. To try: a made-for-golf polo shirt. (Yes, we mean that golf, and yes, we also advise that you wear the golfing shirt even if you're not on the fairway, or don't play the sport, or have no interest in any kind of sports.) These ones, which carries the name of golf legend, Jack Nicklaus, presents the many reasons why the sport version of the shirt is your next-level summer wear.   



Because they're made for moving around
When clothing is made for gentlemanly sport by someone who is a master of the sport, expect its functional details to be perfect. From the the spring 2018 collection of Jack Nicklaus' Black Label, these shirts are constructed with cool-to-the-touch cotton that also wicks away moisture (your sweat), so whether you're putting around a troublesome course south of Manila or just putting around the troublesome courtyard of your neighborhood mall, you will feel alright.

Because the styles are classic
Mirroring the natural environment of fairways, the polo shirts come in perfect-for-summer colors: white, a nice bright pink, a dependable navy. Creative dyes are also employed to create jewel blues and muted greens. Get the solids, but consider the stripes. They're classic, add a dash of style, and, when spread across the chest, make you look fitter than you actually are. Wear these with a pair of pants in soft khaki, cool gray, or even white. Golf club optional.

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Because of the polish
The fabrics emit a sublte sheen and possess a silky drape, both of which just make the polo shirts feel premium. Note also its cut, which is a little looser, a fit that gives off a retro vibe. In these shirts, you are not the caddy, but the cool boss of the caddy. 

Because of the Golden Bear
That golden bear (the hidden logo in the polo shirts) is Jack Nicklaus. One of the greatest golfers in the world, with 18 major titles under his belt, the 78-year-old was anointed with the nickname early in his career, when a sportswriter described him as a “big, cuddly golden bear.” That name stuck and was soon used for his now 50-year-old clothing line. The big question is: Will this improve your golf game? Maybe. Maybe not. But it would be nice to look like a champ.  

Still on the fence?
If you're thinking, “No way am I going to wear something my father likes,” consider that dad style is very cool right now. You might want to grab these from his closet. 


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