The Best- and Not-Very-Best-Dressed Men of the ABS-CBN Ball

There were a lot of swerves this year.
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Gonna give you what you want. Which is Insta-stalking the men of the ABS-CBN Ball 2018 in order to let you know what we, an—ahem—authority on what men wear, think about what they wore.

Of course, everything will be filtered according to good and classic taste. Style flexes are welcome, but only to a certain extent. 

Who came to win the night? And who should just go quietly into the night?  

Matteo Guidicelli

Let’s start with the something good: This young man, who always dresses appropriately.  

Erwan Heussaff 

Another classic rig, though the wearer looks a little uncomfortable. Relax, man. You look good. 

James Reid 

At some point you have to decide whether looking different or fashion-y is worth it. We’re not sure about the dotty jacket and the harness (which does what?). What do you think, guys? You like?

Daniel Padilla 

Because he is committed to this rock-n-roll vibe, we forgive the golden shirt. This look works...on him.

JM De Guzman 

The wonky bow tie is very sad.

But in this photo the bow tie is okay. Mind your neckwear. 

Iñigo Pascual 

So many questions: What did he put inside his man-bag-holster contraption (the second of the night)? A candy bar in case he gets hungry? Lip gloss for his date, which would be sweet? His swagger, which he lost in this look? Please tell us. 

Richard Gutierrez

What did we say about wearing sunglasses indoors at night?  

Gerald Anderson 

That blue is killer. Hair, too.

Perfect example of how a perfect suit can, not only make you look good, but also help you have fun. 

Enrique Gil 

Gonna start with this sweet photo.  

Now, on to business: That grooming needs a lighter touch and the hair is… just… wow (and not in a good way). Also, we would never advise undoing your buttons down to the navel or revealing more skin than your date.  

Jericho Rosales 

The blush is a nice statement, but the overlarge lapels and blob of a bow tie (is it a scrunchie?) is throwing us off. 

Piolo Pascual

Not even Piolo, he of the perfect face, can make the man bun okay. (But the rig is perfect.)     

Jake Cuenca

This modern take on the black-and-white tuxedo suit, from the high-fade haircut to the razor-sharp lapels, is good in our books. 

Sam Milby 

A white shirt and a pair of black shoes would make this 10 times better.  

Xian Lim 

Thanks to the black everything-else (and also his face), Xian pulls off this tricky jacket. However, it’s too much of an obvious match with his his date’s dress. And also, please remember that, in formal affairs, men are the frame and women the stars. Black, white, navy are your friends. 

Luis Manzano 

Another suit derailed by the wrong accessories. 

Gary Valenciano 

Trust the older gents to show you how it’s done. We’re on board with the blue, the fit, and the fresh haircut. 

Albert Martinez  

Black-on-black can be hit or miss. It’s just too on-the-nose formal and can also read as funereal, but authority and a megawatt smile nullify both.  

Richard Yap 

Standard evening wear gets an upgrade with velvet. 

The Men of Ang Probinsyano 

All classic suits—and therefore winning looks—for the men of Ang Probinsyano, John Arcilla, Coco Martin, and Michael de Mesa.  

Edward Barber 

Is that a funnel-neck shirt with a tuxedo jacket embellished with a giant patch? So many things can go wrong in this one, but the sharp fit makes it feel normal. Are we okay? We don’t know now, because we are dizzy from Instastalking. 

Markus Patterson 

We’ve noticed a lot of what-nots pinned onto the breasts of men’s jackets. Did they all stop by the same gift shop to fish out accessories? Don’t do too much.  

Donny Pangilinan 

First, this is how you do an olive suit. Also, we’d prefer a tie, but overall, this is good.   

Jameson Blake 

Two out of three for this young man. Gonna say yes to the good hair and the patterned jacket (even if you do get dizzy from staring at it—try it!). That bow tie seems it’s made out paper though. Also, another pin! 


Or should it be Hashtags? We’re not sure. We are also not okay with most of these.


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