Ace Office Fashion, No Matter Where You Work

Or: How to look like you’re cut out for any job, anywhere.
Ace Office Fashion, No Matter Where You Work

Today's workplace is no longer confined to the four corners of an office. The very way we work today has evolved: Rather than having to balance work and life, modern professionals are now more productive, more efficient, and more personally invested in the kind of work that coexists with life—not separately, but together, harmoniously. 

Fewer of us today are held back by strict office dress codes and antiquated expectations of what it means to “dress professionally.” We get to negotiate between formal and casual, practical and presentable, sharp and relaxed—everyday. And most importantly, we get to dress with style and purpose, which is really the only way a man should ever need to dress. 

So take advantage of the new rules of workwear. 


When your job demands a lot of field work or keeps you on the move, put simplicity and practicality ahead of all else. Lightweight polo shirts, T-shirts, and trousers are always comfortable options—and patterns or stripes help to add a nice vibrance to your outfit. Keep a pair of dark jeans and jackets on reserve, too, so you can put together a more presentable look, should the need for it arise.

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For some professionals, work can bleed into late nights at the office, events, and social functions, so it’s perfectly acceptable, if not imperative, to dress with a little more personality. It’s good to keep a variety of button-down shirts in colors that pair well, so it’s easy to look sharp regardless of where you go.

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For the jet setting professional who finds himself in and out of town bringing business from one place to another, a relaxed wardrobe is imperative. This means short-sleeved button-downs are acceptable, along with light-colored chinos. Of course, it should never come at the expense of style and presentability: keep a light-colored blazer or a nice bomber jacket in your arsenal so you always have the option to throw it on for a meeting, right out of the airport. Match it with other staple pieces in tonal colors, and keep prints and patterns in as handy options.

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