Actors Javier Bardem and Dev Patel Are Living The Lives We Want Right Now

They buddy up for a weekend of perfect (and stylish) leisure.
IMAGE Ermenegildo Zegna

The tawny sunlight beams down upon the rolling hills of Los Angeles, and we see two men, dressed casually but exquisitely, walking toward a putting green. Javier Bardem opens with this question: “How can a grown man like you like hitting little, tiny balls around?” And so Dev Patel proceeds to school his friend, who believes that golf is just a game and not a sport, in the graceful art of whacking a ball with a metal stick. “Take a swing, baby,” he says.

This is what happens:

For the third installment of the Defining Moments by Ermenegildo Zegna, actors Bardem and Patel shift the conversation toward the important matters of gentlemanly leisure. Are you Team Golf or Team Rugby (the sport that Bardem prefers)?

Or are you Team Dressed Well Even If You Are Just Chilling?

The duo continues to riff off each other in three more shorts: Ten minutes before an al fresco house party, Bardem (in a cream blouson jacket) is a flurry of activity preparing the albondigas and cream catalana, while Patel, uh, keeps the time (in a seersucker stripe blazer). 



When they jam in the garage, Patel surprises the drum-playing Bardem with his superior-level guitar skills (this one features a pair of high-top sneakers with grafitti-like Xs that we want now), and later on, a rehearsal of lines devolves into ragging on each other's fitness. “We both look great,” Bardem concedes.

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Clearly, the vibe in these conversations is lighter, easier, and even more playful than in previous installments. Which just perfectly reflects the summertime clothes of Zegna. We'd imagine you'd wear that silk tri-color bomber in a similar outdoor situation like, say, the very fun birthday party of the one-year-old baby of your boss.

The brown suit worn with a pair of drawstring waistband pants makes a statement without weighing you down. Ditto the T-shirts and pullovers that all have a sense of fluidness, the theme of this season's collection.

And we have to go back to the calf leather sneakers because just look at them:  



How we wish we could goof around in clothes like these. See the rest of the series below.

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