Aerosmith Just Became Unlikely Style Influencers

They don't wanna miss a thing!
IMAGE John Lamparski

Aerosmith: style icons. Well, they are if you're an ageing rocker that lives in tour T-shirts from '93 and refers to a Harley Davidson as a chick magnet. 

But on their recent jaunt to The Tonight Show, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry surprised us al by tapping every menswear trend for 2018.

A total, beautiful accident, obviously. But there's Tyler, sporting the locks of a Janet Jackson backing dancer and the threads of an aged trustafarian on his 7,893,028th LSD trip, going for the big, bold print: geometrics and florals and vibrancy that'd make a Prada designer weep tears of joy. 


Then look to his partner-in-criminally-bad-rock-music, and you've head-to-toe monochrome that's both a) flattering and b) probably doused in enough cologne to make a grown man wince. The 67-year-old even went for a little detail too, with contrast motifs to the jacket lifting his look from backstage pass to centre-stage spotlight. 

But that's not the end, either. There's a wider legextraordinary, says Supreme!and even socks and sandalsstupendous, says Balenciaga! And lest we forget the embroidered denimabsolutely marvelous! says every single teenaged girl circa 2003. 

So it is decided: Aerosmith are your unlikely new style icons. Credit where credit's due: By giving approximately zero fucks, Perry and Tyler aren't too far off your local achingly cool #influencer. Replicate with extreme caution.

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