The Air Tie: What It Is, And How To Get It Right

Lose the tie and follow these tips
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Classic suits aren't going anywhere: that much is obvious. But as men dress better and better (a good thing), there has been a collective effort to step to the fore (an even better thing). That's where the air tie came in. 

Pioneered by Ryan Gosling, Timothée Chalamet and, most recently, by Daniel Radcliffe, the air tie is the simple act of removing one's tie. Sounds easy enough, yet 11-pm-wedding-dancefloor-garb this is not. The art of the air tie requires two very important things.

One: a meticulous suit, ideally something that pivots the norm. So either a noted color choiceforest green, seventies chocolate brown, and so onor a motif, like florals and geometrics. Now we're not recommending you go full Met Gala Jared Leto (though good effort for taking the plunge), but know that a flourish of restrained detail goes a long way.


Then, opt for a formal shirt that fits. Fully-buttoning a dress shirt ensures you stay sharpimportant when you're without the instant smartening power of a tiewith a collar stripe or detail encouraged if you've gone for block monochrome below. What's more, avoid an Oxford shirt at all costs. A fully-buttoned up buttoned-down collar will land you in Olly Murs 'cheeky chappy that's not at all punchable' waters. And what hot waters they are, dear reader. 

Of course, there's nothing wrong with the classic lounge suit and tie combo. It's a classic for a reason.

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