This White Jumpsuit Was the Most Important Part of the Apple Live Event

Wyatt Mitchell wore coveralls and Off-White x Converse Chucks-and Twitter went nuts.

Apple makes headlines every time it does... well, anything really. It's Apple, after all—everything the brand does influences the way we communicate, work, and live. Most of the time, that's in relation to our access to and use of technology. But this week, as Apple live-streamed new products and services, fashion took center stage.

And with reason! Because while the tech world is best known for making the most normal of everyday clothes a modern-day office staple—think Zuck's hoodies back in the day—it's not exactly a capital "F" fashion kinda industry in most folks' minds. Sure, there was Steve Jobs and his iconic black turtleneck, but even that was intentionally minimal and unassuming.

Not so today. Because today, Apple designer Wyatt Mitchell just up and went for it and presented while wearing a white jumpsuit and Converse x Off-White Chuck 70s.

Converse x Off-White Chuck 70 Hi IMAGE:

Sure, product-announcement events are not generally where the people are going to drink in the latest in streetwear innovation or to find inspiration to revive a stale wardrobe. But sometimes, you find inspiration where you least expect it. Today, that inspiration was nestled in-between announcements of Apple credit cards and streaming game services. Go figure.

Because, seriously, a jumpsuit is an expert-level swerve for even the most fashion-inclined. But a tech guy? Wearing a jumpsuit onstage? At a public-facing event?! Now, that's a move if we've ever seen one. Plus, the fact that he wore it with a pair of Off-White Converse means that he did this on purpose—and he is not apologizing for it.

Twitter lost its mind, of course:

@lisapjackson: Wyatt. Jumpsuit. Kicks. ????

@oppositeofrural: Biggest story of the #AppleEvent might be this guy’s decision to toss on a denim jumpsuit before presenting. @Apple #skydiving #fashion

There was also a contingent of people who didn't understand what was going on at all. And for those who looked beyond the jumpsuit, the signature zip-tie on the Off-White Chucks was...confounding, to say the least. If you don't know, well, you really don't know. And then you wind up tweeting something like this and joining the ranks of the Dads of Twitter.


Fair question, Todd. Fair question. The answer, when it comes to the zip-tie? It's just something The Kids Do.

But back to the jumpsuit. It's a look, no doubt. And it was surprising to see up there on the stage. But the public really shouldn't be too shocked. Remember Steve Jobs's turtleneck. The garment became a calling card. It was his thing. And for a person in that kind of position, having a signature thing ensures people will remember you.

Maybe Mitchell took a cue from Jobs: A jumpsuit, if nothing else, is something you remember.

This story originally appeared on Esquire.comMinor edits have been made by the editors.

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