Are You Brave Enough To Wear These?

So bad, they're good.
IMAGE Louis Vuitton/ @alyxstudio/ Wooyoungmi

A man should always be able to think for himself, and his clothes are one of the easiest ways to tell whether or not he has it together. Timeless and timely is our M.O. here at Esquire. Well-dressed is not exclusive to harking to days of yore, nor is it about appealing to the psychology of one-upmanship with the latest or rarest digs. 

Once you've mastered the key pieces that make up the foundation of a good wardrobe, balance them out with what appeals to you. You have free rein to experiment. From upgrading your workwear essentials with something more spiffy to going full-on hypebeast on Casual Fridays, here are some ideas. 

1| Leggings

We couldn’t take our eyes off of the murses—or the '90s supermodels—over at artistic director Kim Jones' end-of-an-era farewell show for Louis Vuitton, but what the guys were wearing under the cashmere flank shorts (inspired by rodeo fashion at Wyoming) is up for conversation.


Check out those patchwork-printed, monogrammed leggings, balancing out the oversized shorts, tops, and coats in the fall/winter 2018 collection. These are for beyond leg days at the gym or on the court. David Beckham was spotted on the front row, will he cop ‘em? 


2| Velvet Suits 

Grammys 2018 did not leave us wanting for style flexes with the de rigeur chunky bling and big coats, but more pieces came to the equation: the baller turtleneck, from lime green to silk knit, dad sneakers, and suits beyond the usual.

There were millenial pink and also velvet, whether as a tuxedo jacket (see Common), a full-on purple look on Gary Clark Jr., or embroidered with flowers as worn by Mark Ronson. We’re not saying you should toss your navy and slate suits, but velvet is something to consider when the dress code spells formal. 


3| Cowboy Boots

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Also from the Grammys, the new breed of sexed-up country footwear is a refreshing antidote to the sporty minimalism of seasons past that’s already hit fever pitch.

Unless you’re going for a full Midland look in embroidered denim and leather suits, the key to taking boots to the city is to avoid any kind of boot-cut jean and instead wear it with louche tailoring as seen at the Wooyoungmi fall/winter 2018 collection.  


4| Leather Trousers

In this weather? The men’s fall/winter runways at London, Milan and Paris beg to reconsider.

Balmain had them in patent skinnies and, over at Cerrutti 1881, they were cropped and a lot shinier. Hermès and Dunhill manipulated them so they’re soft and flowing. At Alexander McQueen, they were tracksuit bottoms.  


5| Platform Sneakers


If you’ve been feeling like you need a boost in the height department, you’d love this trend. Borne out of the ugly sneakers, these are a cross between those the Spice Girls wore in the '90s with Fila basketball trainers from the same decade.

They were thickest at Alexander McQueen, not that those models were vertically challenged. They had tartan and leopard print uppers at Versace. Prada had them as Cloudbust trainers and they look exactly how they sound.  


6| Chest Rigs

The dawn of technology and today's on-the-go lifestyle render the murse a necessity (we doubt you could fit your Plus phones and/or tablets into your back pocket) over the usual backpacks, totes, belt bags slung on shoulders, and the many permutations of the “camera bag” for easy access.

But would you wear it like Kanye?

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