5 Sneaker Trends that We'd Like to Leave Behind in 2018

Kick these off your feet in 2019.

Every year in the sneaker game always feels richer than the previous 365 as the market for shoes and hype grows and grows. It can leave a fan feeling pretty saturated, especially when a big style or two has every brand rushing out their own takes for a piece of the pie. These are the trends that we're ready to move on from in 2019.

1| The Deconstructed Look


Virgil Abloh/Off-White and Nike's “The Ten” was one of few collections that really made an impact on the design language of sneakers as a whole. Those came out toward the tail end of 2017, so we’ve now had a year's worth of deconstructed sneakers and not all of them have looked quite as solid. We say let the lovely Nike Element 87 React cap off the trend and let’s move on to something else less polarizing in 2019.

2| Super Chunky Sneakers

IMAGE: Adidas

Whatever you may like to call themoversized, dad, uglywe think the chunky sneaker trend is here to stay for another year or two and that’s okay except for one request: Reel in the poundage a bit though. The Balenciaga Triple S is already notorious for being a literal heavyweight, and in this age of lightweight technical wonders, hearing complaints about bulk took us back to the days of the Adidas T-Mac 3. We don’t really want to go there.

3| Artificially Limited Demand

There have been several think pieces online about the sneaker resell market getting depressed recentlyand this may be a good thing. While your precious kicks may lose value if manufacturers turn the supply numbers up, isn’t the real purpose of a shoe to be bought and worn by people who actually want it? Yeezy Supply is releasing Kanye's shoes in greater quantities than ever before and it’s borderline accessible to own a pair nowadayslet’s hope that other popular yet limited models follow suit.

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4| Retroing Everything

This year saw the re-release of the original Adidas Ultraboost 1.0, a model that came out all the way back in... 2015? While it's good to have a second chance to cop something you originally missed out on (witness the yearly retro madness of Jordan Brand), there's no need to get so excited and retro something that can barely be considered old because it just smells like a money grab. On the other hand, you have the retroing of dubiously loved models like the Nike Shox R4.

5| Politician’s Sneakers

IMAGE: Facebook.com/Elecil.Matutina

The Air Binay. The Air Abalos. The Erap All-Stars. You may argue these sneakers are for a good causegoing out to people who can’t buy their own shoes and all thatbut we can’t help but think there are many other things to spend taxpayer money on before getting to “make free sneakers for everyone.” Besides, it’s got epal potential as proven by the nicknames they get. This was a mini-trend in 2018, and we hope it doesn’t return next year but, being election time, we’re ready to get disappointed.

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