This Award-Winning Bamboo Eyewear Plants a Tree Every Time You Buy Its Sunglasses


We thought it was a gimmick that wanted to ride on the bandwagon of everything bamboo—from toothbrushes, straws, and tableware. Those were our initial thoughts until we tried it out for ourselves. 

Wodd sunglasses are very lightweight, but that’s only part of the things we liked about them. Unlike other sunglasses, Wood’s lenses are able to filter out 95 percent of glare without significantly darkening the vision, based on our experience with the sunglasses.

This greatly enhances your driving experience—reflections of sunlight on cars and glass panels don’t hurt your eyes. Wearing a Wodd has a very relaxing effect on the eyes. 

Wodd's Blaker 04 Brown Polarized Bamboo Sunglasses

Photo by Mario Alvaro Limos.

The polarized lenses do not only suppress glares, they also manage reflections and enhance how your eyes perceive images distorted by sunlight. Even if your windshield is dirty and distorts light, Wodd filters these out and provides natural and fluent vision. 


We didn’t even know it was a multi-awarded brand for quality and sustainability when we tried it out. Clearly, its quality speaks for the brand. Wodd was recently recognized as the best premier bamboo authentic eyewear shop for 2021 at the Q Asia Awards. 

It was evident Wodd was not just ordinary sunglasses fitted into bamboo frames. When we asked about the tech behind the lenses, we were surprised to learn that the lenses were specifically made for intense sun and high glare conditions.  

Lenses should have category 3 UV 400 lenses so there would be no distortions on the images you see,”Dr. Stephene Roy Condino, co-founder and president of Wodd, tells Esquire Philippines. 

For every bamboo and wood sunglasses sold, Wodd plants a tree. 

Wodd is not just winning on quality. It is also recognized as one of the leading sustainable brands in the Philippines. 

A portion of the sales goes through tree planting initiatives. The company is also in talks with Haribon Foundation to support their Adopt a Seedling Program as another way to give back to nature. 

Wodd, the only maker of bamboo sunglasses in the Philippines, is more than a brand that tokenizes environmentalism. To ensure the company has very little carbon footprint and impact on the environment, they only source their materials locally and only from sustainable bamboo farms. 

“We source our bamboo locally and make sure that the production and quality phase goes through a very strict and rigorous process. In fact, these bamboos are the fastest growing plant on the planet and are very sturdy,” Condino says

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“Since plastic is commonly used in most sunglasses, we decided to come about with the idea of the wooden bamboo sunglasses. These wooden sunglasses are made from real bamboo, locally made, and are handcrafted.”

Wodd bamboo sunglasses are available here

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