The Best Christmas Sweaters to Get You in the Holiday Mood

How to play along while staying cool this season.
IMAGE Mr Porter

Look, we're far too deep into the irony cycle of Christmas sweatersright now we might be at post-post-post-ironic appreciation, or possibly post-post-post-post-ironicto debate whether they're excruciating in their self-conscious wackiness or just a bit of fun for you office Christmas party (in truth: probably both). 

The social engagements in which you're encouraged to wear one, however, aren't going anywhere fast. So what to do? Opt for something that qualifies as 'Christmassy' while also being stylish, of coursethus enabling you to 'take part' while still being one step ahead of the idiot who bounds into the pub on December 1 with reindeers dangling off his chest, waiting for hilarity to ensue.

Complicated business, Christmas. 

1| Moncler 

IMAGE: Mr Porter

Your classic Fair Isle knit has all the associated bonhomie and snugness of a Christmas jumper, without any of the naffness. The young Edward VIII popularised the look in the early 1920s, though you might want to avoid his other big vibeinducing a constitutional crisis and having to abdicate the British throneshould the situation arise.


2| Norse Projects

IMAGE: Liberty London

Another Fair Isle-indebted design, but this time with some Scandinavian economy and clarity added to Scottish lambswool from one of the trendiest brands around.  

3| Acne

IMAGE: Mr Porter

This satisfyingly chunky knit came about when Acne's founder Jonny Johansson asked some 14-year-olds to sketch some ideas for designs. And people say child labor's a bad thing.

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4| Joseph

IMAGE: Farfetch

Another spin on the Fair Isle template, this jumper from Joseph updates it by simplifying and modernizing the patterns and going for a looser, oversized fit.

5| Universal Works 

IMAGE: Mr Porter

Less splenetically patterned than your average seasonal sweater, and sticking with a more autumnal mustard tone for the base keeps the whole Christmas jumper thing at arm's length too.


6| John Smedley

IMAGE: Selfridges

This one gestures toward Christmas slightly more abstractly: Its print of frozen ferns could easily be the frost on a windowpane on a crisp December morning.

7| Prada

IMAGE: Selfridges

This is a near bit of sleight of hand: It's got the diamonds and lateral patterning of a classic Christmas jumper, but actually looks great.

8| Gucci  

IMAGE: Mr Porter

Nothing says 'I'm going along with this Christmas jumper thing because I recognize that this is a time for conciliation and friendship but I thoroughly disapprove of it' quite like a jumper decorated with sharks. A very metal Christmas to you.

9| Calvin Klein 

IMAGE: Farfetch

Blowing a single kitsch detail up into a big print gives Calvin Klein's jumper a fresher feel without jettisoning the traditional Christmas touchstones completely.

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