The Best Gym Gear For A Stylish Workout

Everything you need to get on the road to fitness.

No amount of YouTube tutorials can prepare you for that first dispiriting day at the gym. We’re talking thirty minutes of wandering meekly from one confusing machine to the next, chugging barely-dissolved protein mix, and pulling every single muscle in your poor, underserving body. It’s not a good look. 

Unless you invest in the right gear, that is! Even your most embarrassing fitness faux pas will be forgiven if you style it out with these gym essentials:

1 Workout top 

Don’t be tempted by a muscle vest, which should be treated like a hard-fought video game unlockable (in that you can’t wear one until you've completed the gym and can bench-press every machine and man in the building.) 

Go for something light-weight and fit for purpose, but still nice enough that you’d wear it outside, too. These breathable Nike and Adidas efforts, the latter inspired by '90s tennis heritage style, will more than do the job.


2 Shorts 

Classic gray sweats serve only those who want to push their body to the absolute limit, be it through a punishing day at the gym or by consuming three family bags of Doritos in an all-day Netflix binge. Whichever fate you choose, you need a solid pair. Opt for these understated Polo Ralph Lauren drawstrings. 

If you fancy a more high-performance option, pick a pair of thigh-hugging workout shorts from Reigning Champ. They feature a moisture wicking shell that eliminates sweat (the gray pair don't deal quite so well with that...) 

3 Running trainers 


A lightweight and supportive pair of UltraBoost trainers suited for any surface, with a cushioned sole and a stretchy knit upper that adapts to the changing shape of your foot as you run. What’s more, the monochrome colorway is reminiscent of Adidas’ all-time greatest shoe: the Copa Mundial (but go for any color you want, see if we care).

4 Training gloves 

You don't slather your hands in pricey moisturizer every morning just to go and destroy them at the gym, do you? Avoid calluses and protect your bones'n'joints by investing in a good pair of training gloves. These fingerless mitts from Nike will protect your palms during heavy-lifting sets, and the breathable mesh will ensure your hands don't get too sweaty.

5 Earphones 


You don't want to end up in a tangle, so go wireless for the sake of your safety and dignity. These ear-clinging Powerbeats 3 boast a mammoth 12-hour battery life, and a five-minute charge can deliver one hour of playback (great for a panicked last-ditch charging). What's more, they deliver top sound and are fully water and sweat resistant.

6 Weightlifting trainers 

A pair you can truly put through the ringer. These Nike Metcon 4s can handle weightlifting, sprints, rope climbing, sled pushes, and much more with ease, but that’s not to say they’re heavy, clunky, or thick skinned. The textured mesh ensures they are as light as they are strong. 

7 Fitbit 2 


Track your heartbeat throughout your workout and get extensive data on your (complete and utter lack of) cardio fitness. You can opt for different activity settings to make sure your data is as accurate as possible and, of course, record how many miles you're accumulating on the daily. A must-have for fitness obsessives.

8 Water bottle 

The cool, respectable, grown-up face of sippy cups. The Nike TR Hyper Charge may sound bemusingly complicated, but it's just a nice water bottle at the end of the day, made with BPA-free tritan plastic that won't affect taste. 

9 Gym bag 


What's the point of investing in all this fancy gear and then stuffing it inside a drawstring? This cross-grain leather Montblanc duffel bag is a perfect investment for the gym, as well as business trips and weekends away. Its scratch-resistant shell ensures that it'll be a dependable workout buddy for years to come. 

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