I'm Gonna Buy a Striped Tee, and Believe I Look Cool and French

How to look cool like a Frenchman.

Some struggle blog you read in 2011 probably told you not to wear horizontal stripes. It probably said something about making you look wider or shorter, because in 2011 that was the sort of tired, non-body-positive style rule the ghouls of #menswear might lean on. 

Not only should you not pay mind to petty rules of that nature, you should also do whatever the hell you want in regard to choosing latitude over longitude. These days, and especially when winter finally eats shit, all I care about is buying stuff that makes me feel good, and in this case, makes me think I look like a Cool French Guy. 

Honestly, every time I put on this one sweater I have with the American flag on it, the MAGA of it all sends chills up my spine. I need something that says "thin mustache and a cigarette" not "thin morals and a can of dip."


Nonnative - Dweller Striped T-Shirt

And so I'm gonna buy a striped tee. And I'm gonna wear it to work tucked into black chinos. And I'm gonna put a blazer over it for The Big Meeting. And I'm gonna take it to a beach weekend this summer. And I'm gonna wear it out to the bar, and then to bed when I stumble home.

This story originally appeared on Esquire.com. Minor edits have been made by the Esquiremag.ph editors.

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