These Valentine's Day Gifts Will Prove You're Paying Attention to Her

The very best gifts are things that will make her life easy, beautiful, and even sexy.

Women are magical creatures who will not tell you what they want, but expect you to know what they want. To decipher their sphinx quality, you will need to watch, listen, and even feel every little thing they do.

Only then will you figure out that when she makes those strange huffing sounds while she's styling her bird's nest hair, she really wants you to acquire this new gadget that will make the endeavor of making curls easier. Yup. This is a thing now. 

But because you can't observe her at all times (this is called stalking), we've done all the work for you and sussed out the very best Valentine's Day gifts that will smooth away the niggles of living and, more important, make her life even more beautiful.  

The Chain-Link Bag That Lets Her Do Stuff

As the Lady Boss of her company, your family, and your life, she is very busy. What she needs is a reliable stuff holder that, equipped with a shoulder strap, will set her hands free, allowing her to do more things. The curved flap closure makes fishing out your allowance easy, as well. 


Bag by Michael Kors 

The Face Water That Lights Up the Skin

Actually, she hooked you on to this magic water, which, when splashed on the face like, uh, water, imparts a lit-from-within glow. Really. Skin will drink this up and then use it to make itself firmer and smoother. She needs to restock, and we want a bottle, too. 

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Facial Treatment Essence by SK-II 

The See-Through Jacket That Affirms Her Hard Work

This see-through jacket won't keep her warm during her intense Plana Forma-Barre-MMA routine, but it will show off her unwavering dedication to becoming the fittest woman in your neighborhood. Make the gift even better by getting off the couch and going to the gym with her.    


Jacket by DKNY Sport 

The Weave Bag That Supports Her 'Gram Obssesion

Are you an Instagram Boofie? Let her know that you're okay with never being in the photos with this pretty-in-pictures bag. The Insta-scene can be: Picnic at Central Park (but it's just your backyard). And so what if this bag is very tiny. You carry her stuff anyway, and you're okay with this, too. 


Bag by Kate Spade 

The Camera That Records Every Second of Her Life

Speaking of Instagram, here's a high-performance, compact, and stylish camera for her. No need to remind you that Leica delivers outstanding picture quality in any situation, including all the important moments of her life. Which is every day and everything.


D-Lux 7 camera by Leica 

The Eggplant-Shaped Bath Bomb That Is For, Uh, Bath Time

This is not an implicit suggestion for sexy time, but yeah, it can be that, too. The aubergine bath bomb, says its helpful description, “...emits scents of uplifting bergamot and fruity ho wood, while shooting green and blue foam from both ends.” Oh my!


Bath bomb by Lush 

The Lipstick That Makes Her Feel F*cking Fabulous

That's what it's really called. F*cking Fabulous is a true red, which, according to WAGs, is a color every woman needs. This is for when she wants to project power, boldness, and, yes, f-bombs. It'll also pair well with the shoe below.


F*cking Fabulous lipstick by Tom Ford  

The Sky Scraper Heels That Is For Date Night

A pair of vertiginous heels is the physical pledge of your commitment to go on grown-up dates more often: dinner where there are white tablecloths, parties where you have to socialize, and the dreaded dancing at dancing places. Take solace that this is also a gift for you. Stilletos make her legs look sexy. 


Shoes by Kenneth Cole

The Hair Curler That Gets Her Out The Door Faster

Women—we love them. Everytime we go out, it takes them at least two hours to get ready to play the role of a human person. By some sort of trickery, the latest invention from airbenders Dyson bestows volume and that elusive just-got-out-bed curls in minutes. This is on every woman's wish list. 


Airwrap hair styler by Dyson 

The Perfume That Makes Her Feel Feelings

Have you noticed how she yawns a lot now? You'll need to shake things up. The oud in this rose concoction will lend her a smoky, dark, sexy, and notice-me quality. Marilyn Monroe once said she only wore perfume to bed. ...What?! We're just saying. 


Velvet Rose & Oud Cologne Intense by Jo Malone

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