Celebrities Wearing Shorts in the '80s: The Photos

Who wears short shorts? Lots of these celebs, in fact.
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Shorts can be a divisive topic among men. Some wear them from the moment the temperature rises. Others wouldn't be caught dead in shorts, even when the mercury climbs into the hundreds. In the '80s, celebs embraced shorts—mostly short shorts. Here are some of the finest looks. (The list includes a couple looks from the '90s because we just had to include them.)

Harrison Ford, 1982

Where can we get Ford's all-blue outfit—and Adidas sneakers—that he wore in Cannes, France?

Eddie Murphy, 1983 

How to dress for the summer heat in 1983: Throw on a pair of short Adidas shorts, lose the shirt, add matching painter's cap. Murphy pulls it off with ease. 

Prince William, 1985 

Prince William was a prolific shorts wearer in the '80s. Here's the young royal strutting around the grounds of Kensington Palace. 

AC/DC, 1982 

The members of AC/DC show off their Australian thighs in Brazil.

Elton John, 1984 

Elton John wore these beauties on his wedding day (after the ceremony, of course). 

JFK Jr., 1980 

A young John Kennedy Jr. smolders on the beach in Hyannis, Mass.

Michelle Pfeifer, 1980 

Pfeifer smolders on the set of the TV show Bad Cats. 

Alec Baldwin, 1992 

Baldwin at a charity softball game in the Hamptons is every dad—then, now, and forever—playing softball in the middle of the summer.  A

Dick Cavett, 1984 

Television host Dick Cavett takes his short-shorts out for a jog in the Hamptons.

Tom Cruise, 1987 

This is impressive. Cruise (with his then wife, Mimi Rogers) makes pleated shorts look stylish. Also, cool Nike shirt. 

Debbie Harry, 1982 

Blondie's Debbie Harry makes jean shorts look very downtown chic.

David Letterman, 1984 

Sweat pants under shorts were definitely a thing in the '80s, as Letterman demonstrates. 

Tom Selleck, 1981 

Technically a speedo, but Selleck was the Summer King of the '80s. 

Goldie Hawn, 1992 

Goldie Hawn is timeless.

Mr. T, 1984 

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Look: Mr. T can wear whatever the hell he wants—including cut-off carpenter jeans—while reading his own autobiography, Mr. T. 

Ted Danson, 1983 

Danson, in an episode of Cheers, shows off how to wear shorts as underpants while making a memorable (and borderline creepy) entrance. 

Kenny G, 1987 

Kenny. Fucking. G. 

Rod Stewart, 1986 

With outfits like this—a vest and shorts—it's easy to forget Rod Stewart was one of the coolest people alive in the '60s and '70s. 

Stewart Copeland, 1981 

Copeland, the drummer for The Police, is too cool for pants or sleeves.

Andre Agassi, 1991 

It's easy to forget that Agassi was a bad-boy in the '80s and early '90s. He had a mullet; he wore spandex. Canon even named a camera after him: the Rebel. What a stud. 

Paul Hogan, 1980 

God bless Paul Hogan (aka, Crocodile Dundee) for wearing shorts to meet Queen Elizabeth II. Eyes up, your highness.

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