If You're Going To Wear A Hoodie, Get A Champion Hoodie

Champion has been at it for almost a century. Maybe that's why the sportswear brand can make an incomparable sweatshirt.
IMAGE Graham Pollack

I found what might just be the perfect hoodie. Or, at least, a perfect hoodie. It's nothing new. But it's been enjoying such a renaissance lately that it just keeps selling out, over and over, and then I try to wax philosophical about it, but I'm just talking about a thing that I love, one that you, person out there on the Internet, can't buy, and that's just not right. 

But here's the other thing: For once, praise be to the style gods, Champion's classic Reverse Weave black hooded sweatshirt isn't out of stock. Which means you have to go buy it now. Seriously.

It's Genuinely Iconic. 

IMAGE: Graham Pollock

I know... I know. The word "iconic" has been overused to the point of meaninglessness. But sometimes, it still applies. Like, for instance, when a sweatshirt has a pedigree that goes back nearly a century to 1919. Or when it enjoys the distinction of being made by the brand that made the sweatshirt a part of the American style landscape in the first place. Champion's popularity may have ebbed and flowed over the course of the last 99 years, but it's always been here, whether in the form of collegiate pullovers, Olympic warm-up suits, or, now, on the backs (and over the heads) of anyone who knows a good hoodie when he sees it.

It's Damn Tough—and Damn Comfortable. 

Champion's classic Reverse Weave hoodie is heavy. As in, you'll notice the heft of the thing before you even put it on. It is, after all, a sort of workwear: The style, with its ribbed cuffs, collar, and side gussets, was initially made to go over heavy football pads. Considering all that, you might expect some stiffness or grit in the final garment. Not so. This is comfort clothing, all the way. The ribbed sections make for ease of movement (as does the generous cut; if you're particularly slim, maybe size down), and the brushed fleece interior means wearing this thing is like traveling with a comforter wrapped around you.

It's Just Plain Good. 

So, I've just told you that a hooded sweatshirt has some (very impressive) history, plus a (not-to-be-understated) comfort quotient. And you might be thinking, "Well, sure, but you're basically just describing a hoodie in general." Which is understandable, but—and I say this with love—completely wrong. We've all been disappointed by an errant hoodie purchase. Whether they're flimsy or over-embellished or just plain off, bad hoodies are everywhere. This one is good. Very good. And not to overstate the point, but it's finally not sold out. Has the current round of Champion hype hit its peak? That's debatable. But the merits of this hoodie aren't. Buy one. Wear it all the time. And enjoy. P

Photography by Graham Pollack • Prop styling by Jill Telesnicki • Furniture by and special thanks to Kalon Studios

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