Choose Sunglasses Based On Your Skin Tone, And Other Modern Eyewear Rules

Light up your face with the right-colored shades.

While there’s certainly no beating timeless classics, such as a pair of aviators or wayfarers, sunglasses have come a long way in terms of selection, style, and technology. So how do you choose a pair that will best suit your face? And how do you even wear sunglasses today? We rounded up new and modern rules to improve your eyewear game for 2018. 

1| New Rule: Light Up Your Face

Choose colors that best complement your skin tone. “It’s about knowing whether you’re yellow-toned or pink-toned,” says eyewear expert Neelam Gopwani, president of Eye Society, the eyewear boutique that carries Ray-Ban, Persol, Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani, and Prada, among others.

The technique suggests choosing colors that contrast your tone. “If you’re cold-toned, for example, pick eyewear that is the opposite of cold," she says. "Cold tones are usually associated with purples and blues, so you would naturally choose the opposite side of the spectrum, which are reds, oranges, and yellows. That’s what highlights your face.”


Marshal (P9,990) by Ray-Ban

“Women are more aware of their skin tones as they’re used to buying foundation, which is either yellowish or pinkish. But for men, it may be harder to tell,” she continues. But you don’t have to pick up the wife’s foundation to figure out your skin tone. Simply hold up a sheet of silver or gold paper to your face. If the gold lights up your face, you’re warm or yellow-toned. If silver complements you more, you're cool or pink-toned. 


2| New Color: Not Black Or Brown

People are usually drawn to the browns and blacks section of an eyewear store, but it’s totally okay to embrace other hues, especially if you’re out to make a statement. “It’s a common thing [to stay away from colored sunglasses] because it’s on your face. It’s very bold. You have to be daring to wear colors,” observes Neelam.

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Hexagonal by Ray-Ban

If you’re hesitant about color, she suggests subdued, bordeaux colors like maroons, dark reds, or purples until you become more comfortable with more vibrant shades.

Clubmaster Wood by Ray-Ban


3| New Essentials: There Should Be Three

Men should have three pairs of sunglasses: one for everyday wear, another for sports, and yet another for fashion. 

For day-to-night, work-friendly suns, Neelam recommends a double-bridged pair. “It has a bit of stylishness, but also a classic touch. Giorgio Armani and Emporio Armani, as well as Prada really specialize in that.”


Clubmaster Double Bridge (P9,990) by Ray-Ban

Sports eyewear is shaped to follow the contours of your face and usually covered in rubber so they stay on your face and wick away sweat. The lenses—such as polarized lenses that allow for clearer vision—are also made for outdoors.

Linea Rossa (P14,990) by Prada

A fashion piece for a night out calls for a bolder, trendier pair, so feel free to experiment with bright colors and other materials such as denim or leather. “When you’re going out, we don’t recommend you use the same eyewear you use every day, because it’s supposed to be a standout,” she notes. 

Timeless Elegance by Giorgio Armani


4| Tricky Tip: Wearing Sunglasses Indoors

Yes, wearing sunglasses indoors can make you look like a douchebag, but with the right pair, you can get away with it. “I feel that transition lenses are the most versatile lenses,” says Neelam. “When they’re indoor they become lighter. As soon as you step out and walk outdoors, it senses the heat so it will naturally adjust. It literally goes from light to darker, from black to clear in about a minute.” 


5| An Even Trickier Tip: Wearing Sunglasses At Night

You no longer have to face the ire of people who do not like your habit of wearing sunglasses at night. There are light-colored lenses that allow you to wear a pair no matter what time of day (or night) it is. Originally made for festival-goers, the lightly tinted lenses offer clear vision even when it gets dark. You don't have to take them off to see your favorite band during the night set of Coachella, for example.


Evolve Round (P10,990) by Ray-Ban


6| New Trend: Rounds Are All The Rage

Rectangular sunglasses have taken a backseat in favor of John Lennon-style sunglasses. “Rounds are the ones we’re seeing out of nowhere,” says Neelam. The trick to pulling off the hot-right-now shape is minding the size. “They first came out small, then they became medium, then they became large. Finding the perfect round for your face is not easy. So when you find your perfect round... cherish that piece.”

Frames of Life (P17,990) by Giorgio Armani

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