Chris Pine, the People's Chris, Is Back at it Again With the White Birks (and a Leopard-Print Shirt)

Daaamn, Chris!

Chris Pine, what the fuck is good! Nice to see you again. You been reading back issues of Esquire while on quarantine, my guy? Not going to lie, you're looking a little like the poster boy for a whole lot of the shit we've been talking about here for a minute. It's flattering, really. Appreciate the support.

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Shit man, you have any interest in writing this up yourself? Because it kind of seems like you could. I mean, you're killing it these days. You know that, right? I see you, dog. I see you.

The mask is firmly affixed to the face, the shirt is trim and left open, the pants are slim and cuffed, the sandals are open-toed and well-worn. Topped off with a gold medallion necklace and a complementing watch in a similar tone (not to mention the big-ass hat), Pine's outfit is a perfect encapsulation of "oh shit, is that dude famous?" casual, pulled off by a master of the genre. He's not out here doing the absolute most (although, hell, he's no stranger to it). He's out here doing the absolute right amount.


So let this serve as a PSA to all other Chrises laying low across the general L.A. area. (You know who you are). Chris Pine is throwing down the gauntlet. Step it the fuck up. He's sick of your struggle fits and tired of picking up the slack.

Hey, nobody said being The People's Chris would be easy. Heavy is the head that wears the (wide-brimmed!) crown. And Chris, if you're ever trying to pull up in-person so I can ogle your excellent fits from six feet away, please give your boy a ring whenever works. I'll be the guy openly gawking at you long before you can see me.

I yield my time.

Catamere Shirt, AllSaints

511 Slim Fit Jeans, Levi's

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