Delsey's newest trolley won't weigh you down with excess baggage

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"Know what they call a Quarter Pounder with Cheese in Paris? ... They call it a Royale with Cheese,” says Samuel L. Jackson to John Travolta in Pulp Fiction. Point is: In the City of Light, everything is très chic. Clothes, scarves, jaunty berets, those little discs of pastry that seem to be made of baby kisses, smoking, vintage perfumes, and even artery-clogging fast food—they all ooze that can’t-put-your-finger-on-it style.

Add to the list: luggage from Delsey, the Parisian bag-maker that celebrates its 70th birthday this year. With an understated design infected by vintage flair, the limited edition Belfort Plus 70 carries the laissez-faire attitude synonymous with the city.


An elegant appearance and oodles of useful tech, including dance-ready double-spinner wheels, make the Belfort Plus 70 the perfect traveling companion (aside from your wife).

That effortlessness continues under the hood. Desley has pioneered some of the most useful tech for travel trunks. It was the first to introduce wheels on a briefcase and use a fiberglass structure on luggage. More critical is its anti-theft zipper technology that prevents forcible entry through the zipper with a stabby pen. This year, it updates its wheel brake system, so your trolley won’t run away on an incline, and also introduces a removable lining, a simple idea that lets you wash what touches your precious clothes.

Speaking of clothes, the almost 30-inch Belfort promises to accommodate 20 shirts, eight trousers, three coats, and, if you are feeling particularly Imeldific, six shoes. Six!

“To err is human. To loaf is Parisian,” writes Victor Hugo in Les Misérables. With luggage that makes journeys painless, quieting the niggles of jumping from airport to plane to  new environment, you can put those shoes to good use and loaf to your heart’s content. Also, you will be chic.

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