Dickies' Double-Knee Work Pants Represent the Brand at Its Best

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In a now viral tweet from this past March officially declared any trousers that weren't of the soft, fleece-lined variety "hard pants." And so they were. The label stuck, and Twitter heaved a collective sigh of relief as people around the world delightedly resigned themselves to wearing nothing but elastic-waist pants for the rest of eternity.


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And hey, I'm here for it. But I've got to be honest with you, man: I'm sick of sweatpants. At this point, I can't stand the sight of the damn things. The pants I've been living in these past few months instead? *Pauses for dramatic effect, and to shield himself from the rotting produce hurled his way* A crisp pair of heavyweight Dickies. You heard me.

Dickies' double-knee work pants are some of the toughest out there. (You might say, in fact, that they're the quintessential hard pants.) And if you, too, are feeling sick and tired of swaddling your weary gams in the same pair of heavily-stained terry cloth trousers, these are the durable bad boys to finally help you kick your sweatpants habit for good.

Long-tunnel belt loops meant for holding all your heavy tools.

Photo by Ben Alsop.

They still set the standard.

Sure, you could easily spend a few days surfing the web for a near-identical pair of pants done up in the fanciest of fabrics by the designer-iest of designers. But when Dickies is still setting the standard, even after all these years, you'd be doing yourself a grave disservice. (Not to mention spending a whole lot of cash you definitely don't have to.) Dickies' work pants are the style that launched a thousand imitators, and springing for one of the brand's spiritual descendants when the OG is still at the peak of its game is akin to investing in a lesser-known 20th century Cubist when a whole bunch of Picassos are yours for the taking. Why make things more complicated than they need to be? Don't be that guy. Go straight to the source and then call it day.

Made out of a heavyweight cotton blend that’s as everything-resistant as you can get without veering into technical fabric territory.

Photo by Ben Alsop.
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They're for me and you (and you, too).

When Kanye West turned up at last year's Met Gala rocking a full Dickies suit, the entire internet lost its mind. It was one of the musician's biggest fits (on one of fashion's biggest nights). Kanye's always had an intuitive appreciation for the democratic appeal of Dickies' hardwearing, utilitarian clothing, but in recent years his commitment to the brand and what it stands for has reached a new degree of fanaticism. And Ye ain't the only one.

Last week, Justin Bieber was spotted rocking a pair of Dickies work pants with some drool-worthy, $10,000 Js—courtesy of Jordan Brand's smash-hit collaboration with Dior—and not for the first time, either. Dickies makes workwear of the highest order, and its wares have long since made devotees of the gnarliest skate rats and downtown creative types alike. Nothing looks better with, say, a few flecks of paint splattered up the front, or, hell, a little bit of good old-fashioned grime clinging to a heavily-cuffed hem down below.

And if that isn't enough to convince you, the pants themselves (and this is crucial) cost a mere 35 bucks. That's right, buddy. Three-five! Literally show me a better bargain. I'll wait.

Dickies are for the people, dude. Change my mind.

The iconic Dickies emblem sits squarely within the reinforced area of the knee.

Photo by Ben Alsop.

They're not going anywhere.

As much as I'd like you to buy these pants right now, there's really no rush. If you don't cop 'em this week—or even the one after that—they'll still be around. They're not selling out. In fact, they're not going anywhere any time soon.(Although who knows, man? After this ringing endorsement, anything's fair game. Fuck a Kanye cosign! Dickies really about to go nuclear off the power of this glowing write-up alone.)


10 Style Essentials That Will Last You a Lifetime

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In an industry so inundated with product that brands both big and small are waking up to the costs associated with fashion's singleminded focus on newness, there's something refreshingly analog about wearing the same thing over and over again, trends be damned. But if you're not quite ready to officially part ways with your beloved sweatpants, don't stress it. There's no hard feelings. Because rest assured, Dickies' work pants will be here when you are ready for them, looking as good as they did when I first told you to invest in a pair on this very day.

It's a hard pant life for us all.

Photography and prop styling by Ben Alsop

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