Dockers, The Original Dad Pants, are 70% Off at This Father's Day Weekend Sale

For your next style move, take from the pages of geriatrics and Tyler, The Creator.
IMAGE Dockers

Even a cursory glance at the trends of the day would be enough to see that dad style has carved out a new niche for itself. A couple of years back, dad jeans—in all their stonewashed, wide-leg glory—returned with a vengeance, and are still a prevailing piece today. Then of course there's the dad sneaker, a specific strain of the ugly sneaker, which has ruled streetwear since mid-2017. It's as if the current best flex is to steal something from a baby boomer's wardrobe, then pair it with a bunch of millennial-friendly threads and logos.

If you'd like to hop on that train, Dockers is a good brand to start with. It's the original brand of dad pants; of super relaxed, function-first trousers and chinos that have won favor among men in their late 40s, and with men who just don't give a shit about style or your nut-hugging skinny jeans. Even after it launched the slimmer, tapered Alpha Khaki line in 2011, it's still a severely uncool brand—which is why, in this post-ironic age of streetwear, Dockers might actually be one of the coolest bottoms brands you can get. Tyler, The Creator can attest.

And if you'd like to get them for cheap, Rucker Park Outlet in the north side of Quezon City is the place to go. This Father's Day Weekend, from June 15 to June 17, they've got Dockers at 70 percent off—some trousers and chinos for sub-P1,000 prices. Check it out:


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Apart from trousers and chinos, they also have oxford shirts and other suburban-Americana prep essentials for super low prices:


Shop wisely and you might just be able to score a pair of the daddest of dad pants, and still have some leftover cash to get them hemmed above the ankle, for that more modern look.


Rucker Park Outlet is located in Quezon City, along Holy Spirit Drive, just off of Commonwealth.

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