Who Knew the Fantastic Beasts London Premiere Would be Such a Style Ride?

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Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald is many things. Magical? Most likely. Childish? Absolutely. But you couldn't call the wider canon of Harry Potter stylish, even when its denizens have left Hogwarts for the real world. 

Until now, anyway. The latest installment of the wand-flicking saga has seen a press tour for the ages: Eddie Redmayne in wonderful tailoring, Jude Law in some very thespian jackets, and yes, Ezra Miller in the now infamous haunted 5 am raver puffer jacket ballgown. Its London premiere was no exception, and the Quidditch robes and pointy hats of JK Rowling's make-believe paled in comparison to the Muggle stuff.

1| Jamie Campbell Bower 

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Fantastic Beasts newcomer may portray a younger version of perennial magical arsehole Grindelwald on-screen, but he's a happier picture of it with an air tie and classic two-piece. This is how you do it. 

2| Eddie Redmayne 

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Longtime Very Stylish Man Eddie Redmayne continued in the same vein, pouring a tricky colordeep artery redinto a classic double-breasted shell. Bloody marvellous indeed.

3| William Nadylam 

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Mix your nan's shag pile rug with that kid at school who watched Interview With The Vampire a few too many times, and what do you have? French actor William Nadylam, that's what. 

4| Jude Law 

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Jude Law ticked all the boxes of the British thespian starter pack. Fedora? Check. Lovely feeling velvet jacket? Check. A grin that'd make every mother north of 40 melt? Check check check. 

5| Joshua Shea 

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Joshua Shea at 15 has already won. At that age, most are usually trying to navigate spray-on jeans, very severe wedged haircuts and the deep deep question of 'who exactly am I?' Instead, he's gone for a suit that'll remain classic in his teens and beyond. 

6| Callum Turner 

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When your castmates have raided the nearest branch of Fancy Dress Costumes R Us, it makes sense to tone it down and stick out as a result, which is exactly what Callum Turner did. 

7| Kevin Guthrie 

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A tartan two-piece is a little bit Highland Fling. A tartan three-piece however is A-OK on the step-and-repeat of a Harry Potter film, with Kevin Guthrie making cool on a roll of Christmas wrapping paper. 

8| Ezra Miller 

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This is what it looks like when doves cry. With joy. With sheer unbridled joy.

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