Gifts for Men: What You're Really Saying When You Send These Christmas Presents

IMAGE Dior, Tumi, Tommy Hilfiger

Christmas gifts for men can be tricky. Do you think about what they want for Christmas? Do you give them cash? Do you succumb to the default and just wrap up a tie, a wallet, or a polo shirt? Here’s a tip: Even if we don’t say it (or show it), we do care about what’s in the box because it reflects what you think about us. While cash is great (who doesn’t like that!), a gift that speaks of your wishes, observations, and weird jokes is much appreciated. Below, a list of splendid things and what they say to the man who will unwrap them.

This Giant Water Bottle for Your Buddy 

Photo by Hydro Flask.

What You’re Sending: This vacuum-insulated water bottle keeps cold things cold and hot things hot. Also, the Hydro Flask Limited Edition Timberline is a thick boy, a big boy, a unit that holds a lot of water. Choose the olive. 


What You’re Saying: The subtext is: “I don’t want you to die, bro! Remember that time we were cruising on the highway, and you choked on… a memory, and good thing I had a bottle of water in the car or else…” This is for that specific life-saving moment, as well as general water needs like when he returns to the gym.

P3,190 (32-oz wide mouth),

This Cologne with a Secret for Your Best Friend 

Photo by Tommy Hilfiger.

Photo by Tommy Hilfiger.
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What You’re Sending: We’re into nifty perfume bottles that hide stuff, and this one, the Tommy Hilfiger Impact eau de toilette, holds a secret travel vial in its cap (just pop of the end). As for how this feels, it’s heady and smoky—a man’s scent.

What You’re Saying: Obviously, you’re not saying your best friend stinks, but he can smell better. What you also want to say is you’d like him to smell good anywhere. The travel spray is pocket friendly. 

P4,600 (100 ml), leading department stores


This Filipino-Made Watch for Your Baby Brother

Photo by Makina.

What You’re Sending: We’ve written about the delights of the Makina Uriel III, so no need to further underline how the doctor’s watch (with a pulsometer) is undeniably handsome. He doesn’t even have to be a doctor to wear this. We like the blue but choose the color the best suits him. 


What You’re Saying: “Yo, you’re not a baby anymore so here’s a grown-up watch that says so.” Also, don’t be late.

$599 (approximately P28,700),


This Rolling Trunk That’s Is a Mobile Closet for Dad

Photo by Tumi.

Photo by Tumi.

What You’re Sending: Christmas gifts for men should be an experience. The Tumi 19 Degree Aluminum Rolling Trunk makes sure that even arrivals are a big moment. The portable closet, with collapsible interior dividers, has room for the dapper dad’s shoes, suits, and hats and maybe yours, too. 

What You’re Saying: “Hey, Dad, when it’s safe and okay to wander around again, let’s go on an extended vacation to somewhere sunny—anywhere but here.” 

Greenbelt 5, Power Plant Mall,


These Over-Ear Headphones for the Non-Apple Fan

Photo by Montblanc.

What You’re Sending: The Montblanc MB 01 Wireless Over-Ear Headphones came out before the much-touted ear canisters from Cupertino, so that’s something to brag about. This also boasts of active noise canceling and 20 hours of juice so he can get lost in the new Swiftie album (we’re not judging) all day. Oh, the ear cushions are of fine leather, too.


What You’re Saying: You understand his expensive, individualistic, and very particular taste. Also, you, the giver of this gift, are as loaded as he is. 



This Super Luxe Airpods Case for Yourself

Photo by Dior.

What You’re Sending: That right there is a Dior calfskin case for the Apple Airpods. Let us explain: What you’re seeing is the flap tucked into a band. When unfolded (un-flapped?), it reveals a snug little cubby for the earphone case.

What You’re Saying: “Hello, Self! This year was awfully special, and you deserve a treat—a mildly expensive treat. Yes, you do.” 

Solaire Resorts & Casino

This Handsome Bar Cart for the Homebody

Photo by Artefino.

What You’re Sending: The fine people at Artefino call this E. Murio creation a tea cart, but we’re redesignating this Christmas treat as a stylish gift for men, so now it is a bar cart. Two tray levels plus the mobility of wheels make it the new home for your bottles of whisky, vodka, and the other accouterments for day drinking. 

What You’re Saying: This year is the moment of the introverted homebody who was able to adapt to staying indoors for months on end just fine. Now, he can continue his natural ways and enjoy drinks at whatever corner of his cave.


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