Globe, the Telco Company, Has A New Balance Collab Sneaker Now

It's from their 0917 clothing label, and yes that's a thing, too.

Do you know this movie reference?

“347 is the new New York.” 

“Well, I want the old New York with my old 917 and my old will to live.”

That was a conversation between a single New York lady who writes a sex column and her best friend. She, the sex columnist, was jilted at the altar and, after hearing the voice of her bad-man ex on her voicemail, she threw her mobile phone into the ocean! Anyway, her assistant took care of everything with, to her dismay, a new phone with a 347 area code. 

We bring this up, not only to highlight the guilty pleasure movie from which this exchange came from (it's Sex and The City by the way), but also to point out that, even in the five boroughs of New York City, the digits 917 is preferred.

In Manila, this combination of numbers, with a “0” preceding “917,” also holds special meaning due to its status as the OG digits in the first wave of mobile phone numbers from that innocent time when texting was a novelty and the de facto form of communication. Do you remember?

Banking on its legacy, Globe, the company that bills you every month for access to your family, friends, and the rest of the world, has established a clothing line named after the four numbers.

IMAGE: Globe

0917 Lifestyle has, in fact, been a thing since 2016, releasing three original collections as well as tie-ins with Star Wars, Avengers: Infinity War, and Stranger Things. (If you've ever wanted a Hawkins High varsity jacket, this is the place to get it.)

In its latest set, the line collaborates with New Balance, makers of the classic 574 sneakers, for its own version of the dad shoe. Of suede and mesh, the 0917 Lifestyle NB 574 Classic (P3,995) features an exclusive gray-on-gray colorway and white laces printed with—what else?—“ZERO NINE ONE SEVEN.” 

IMAGE: Globe

It actually looks, dare we say, cool, because it's hard to mess up the iconic style and the tweaks like the gray tones are something that is already in the wheelhouse of New Balance. Even the 0917 branding on the shoelaces is fine because it is discreet. 

The accompanying clothes from the collection speaks to today's nostalgia for all things '90s. Streetwear staples such as ringer tees, T-shirts with chest stripes, purple dad hats fit into the closets of the young.  

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IMAGE: Globe

IMAGE: Globe

There is also an awesome color-block jacket in purple, aqua, mustard, and a bit of red, but in the lookbook it's styled on a woman. We're sure pretty you can size up and wear it.

IMAGE: Globe

IMAGE: Globe

Now, can it ever be okay to put on Globe-branded clothing? The “0917” that appears in the merch don't have a standard appearance, as in it doesn't look like a logo. Some come in a varsity-style font, others are spelled out in words, most are graphic. That may seem like a missed opportunity for Globe, but it just makes the pieces less corny and more wearable.

IMAGE: Globe

It's always a good thing to find more sources for what to wear, but what would make the line even better is if it could make more one-of-a-kind pieces like the NB shoe or that jacket, so that people will be inclined to shop, not from a clothing store, but from their telco provider. 

0917 Lifestyle The Next Move Collection is now available at the Globe online shop and in select Globe stores.

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