Prince Harry's Style Playbook

Be classic and rakish—and always follow the dress code.
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For the announcement of his engagment, His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales, or Prince Harry to his buds, stepped out in an Esquire-approved rig: a classic blue suit with all the right details (read: conservative).

Harry, who is usually dressed down in sport coats, an open-collar shirt, and trousers that maybe a touch big, reminded the world that, yes, when the occassion calls for it, he can look natty. And of course, he also remembered not to overshadow, but instead complement his fiancée, the lovely Meghan Markle.

If you are a man in love, who is about to officially declare your love to the entire world, this was the right way to do it.

Here, a few ways to dress like the Prince, fifth in line to the throne of England and soon to be a married man.

1| Get A Navy Suit

The reason why men, including Prince Harry, prefer the navy suit is that it is a no-fail classic. His appears to be a little brighter than navy, which makes it even more appropriate for the happy occassion.

Here it is in motion. Note the excellent fit, from the jacket sleeves that show a little shirt cuff to the trousers that terminate just above his shoes. Accessories are also well-matched. The black tie and black shoes are friends of the blue. The suit also sports side or double vents, which are very formal and English.


2| Ditch The Tie

When Harry is attending more casual affairs, he leaves the tie at home (Kensington Palace!) and wears his shirt with the topmost button unfastened. Note that, though dressed down, he is still in a jacket. Also, he loves blue.


3| Wear A Uniform

Not a daily uniform, but an actual military uniform. Prince Harry served the British Army for 10 years. He ended his service in 2015 with the rank of Captain, and now spends his days mesmerizing young children.


4| On Game Day, Wear Polo Shirts

On even more casual days like watching the game with your girlfriend, arms are involved.

We can also file this under: Wear The Same Sunglasses (Because Love). Just look at them.

Now would be good time to remind everyone that Prince Harry actually plays polo, which is the origin of the polo shirt.


5| On Market Day, Roll Your Sleeves Up

You can never accuse Harry of being a stiff sort of fella.


6| Always Follow The Dress Code

If they are wearing headdresses, wear a headdress. 

If they are in full military garb, be in full military garb.


7| Key Piece: The Repp Tie

The diagonally striped tie is a prep world classic, very British (it originated from their school uniforms), and an easy way to punch up a standard suit.

Hey, are you guys wearing the same tie?

They do have a history of twinning.


8| Key Piece: The Full Beard

Of all the modern royals, no one can beat Harry's beard game: full, solid, and red.


9| Key Piece: These Shoes

These ankle-length suede shoes seem to be a favorite. (Hi there, Rih!)


10| Key Piece: The White Shirt

The classic white shirt is a Royal standard.


11| Key Piece: Amazing Accessories

These medals.

This garland.

Those bracelets.


12| Be A Royal

How to be Harry? Be born a royal like the already stylish future King of England.

We're just going to leave this here.

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