How Hideo Muraoka, Who Just Got Married to Model Fatima Rabago, Keeps His Body in Crazy Shape

IMAGE courtesy of SweetEscape

There is more to Hideo Muraoka, one of the original Brapanese models that took over Manila's style scene, than a face with a set of cheekbones that can cut through a melon or a body that questions your commitment to your low-carb eating plan. 

The ubiquitous mannequin has parlayed a career in the pages of magazines into related spheres. “I'm obsessed with body movement—yoga, martial arts, calisthenics, sports—and photography right now,” shares Hideo, who has recently been traveling for several projects.

IMAGE: courtesy of SweetEscape

He's referring to his company Tao Tribe Philippines, where he does coaching and teaches yoga. Tao is kind of a mysterious fitness group only because there is little information about it on the Internet, but upon review of its social media pages, it looks like the tribe offers all sorts of workouts, from MMA to movement-based training, to interested parties.


Naturally, because Hideo's routine involves great physical activity, he is “in fitness outfits on a daily basis.” A scroll through @hideo_official on Instagram shows him in joggers, gym shorts, or swim shorts, all paired with abs (don't visit if you are not in good shape).

The model shares the essential tools that help him do the job (of looking crazy good) below. Hideo wasn't able to expound more about these things, so we will do our best to fill in the details. 

1| Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum and Givenchy Gentleman... which are great grooming choices. The first, a cult skincare product, feels like water but imbues skin with glow, while Gentleman is a great gift for yourself or the man about town. 

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2| The Ritual of Samurai grooming products... which just makes us happy because men need to take care of their faces. These are enriched with botanical extracts (and sounds cool, too). 

3| Philips Hair Trimmers... because we need to see the full glory of his face at all times.  

4| Vibram Five Fingers... which are shoes that look like feet, but if it will help you get a body like Hideo's.... 


5| King, Warrior, Magician, Lover by Robert Moore and Douglas Gilette... which is his favorite book. According to informative caption on, it is the “widely heralded Jungian introduction to the psychological foundation of a mature, authentic, and revitalized masculinity.” 

Hideo is also a family man. Early this month, he wed Spanish model and fellow beautiful person Fatima Rabago at a private ceremony in Bali. Their daughter Daniela, with a flower crown nestled on her head, was the ring bearer.

The newlywed says his most recent style purchase was a suit, but at the outdoor wedding, he was dressed casually: white shirt, tan trousers, no shoes, great hair.

The day before the ceremony, the groom, dressed in a cut-off T-shirt and light-colored jeans, fired up the motorcycle for a few photos (by photography service SweetEscape) with his bride. They rode up and down the beach with the Bali sunshine on their faces. Of the future, Hideo looks to pursue more of his obsessions: nature, travel, and, of course, family.

Hideo and wife Fatima Rabago take in the beaches of Bali before their wedding. IMAGE: courtesy of SweetEscape
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