H&M x Moschino Is All About Inclusivity, Says Creative Director Jeremy Scott

Underneath the flashy Moschino [tv] H&M set is a great message.

Last night was major for Jeremy Scott, creative director of Moschino as his collaboration with Swedish mega-retalier H&M was unveiled at a high-energy show in New York.


The catwalk was dressed up like Times Square with illumated mini-skyscrapers and a digital ticker that scrawled “#HMMOSCHINO” on a loop. The cast of cool included famous mannequins, headlined by supermodel Naomi Campbell, as well as the buzzy people that define the now such as Gigi Hadid, Bebe Rexha, Paris Jackson, and Diplo (who also provided the soundtrack for the after party).  

Backstage at the H&M x Moschino global launch, model Gigi Hadid casually caresses her lion mane. IMAGE: H&M

Some stalked the runway, others watched the runway (from the front row), and all were dressed in the bold threads of the Moschino [tv] H&M collection: gold chains, glitter pants (for men!), leather jackets, CDs as clothes, hip-hop Mickey.  


For all kinds of wallets

As a perfect reflection of Moschino's codes, the pieces have a look-at-me quality, as if they were made for street style heroes or the social media generation. But underneath the flash, which can be fun to wear once you divorce yourself of all inhibition, is always a cleverness, a point of view. 

“I love that Moschino [tv] H&M is so democratic,” says Scott in an e-mail interview with Esquire Philippines.

'I’m so excited that the fans will finally get to wear these pieces. I’m excited to wear them too!' says Moschino creative director Jeremy Scott. IMAGE: H&M

In his partnership with the fast-fashion giant, the designer made sure to put the theme of inclusivity in focus. You can parse this in two ways: Anyone can get a slice of the Italian luxury fashion house, because the prices are not prohibitive, and everyone can wear the set, because that's really how Scott and H&M have designed it.

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“I’m the People’s Designer, and I believe fashion should be accessible to the people,” he explains. “I’m thrilled to do this collaboration because I want people to have it. I’ve seen the effect when you make fashion, not just accessible, but also affordable.”  

For all sorts of people

The designer continues: “I love that this collection sends a message of positivity and inclusivity to so many people all around the world, many of whom may never have been able to wear Moschino before.”

The collection is designed for everyone and all, including men with a penchant for leather and chains. IMAGE: H&M

This point was made evident when H&M released a lookbook starring a diverse cast that included RuPaul's Drag Race winner Aquaria, the body beautiful Barbie Ferreira, transgender actor MJ Rodriguez, and even Scott's own assistant. 

“Diversity has been my world from the very beginning, right from my first collections in the 1990s...,” he adds. “This isn’t politics to me, it’s a way of life. It’s amazing to be able to use fashion to spread this message around the world.”


Scott and H&M creative advisor Ann Sofie-Johansson are advocates of inclusivity and diversity. IMAGE: H&M

Creative advisor of H&M Ann-Sofie Johansson, agrees: “Just like Jeremy, we believe that fashion should be for everyone, no matter who they are or where they come from. Diversity is our way of life at H&M, and we’re so proud of the lookbook that Jeremy has created for MOSCHINO [tv] H&M.”  

For fun, joy, and good times

Moschino appeals to many because it references popular culture (Barbie, McDonald's, big top clowns) and this collaboration is no different as it features iconic touchpoints, from biker culture to '90s hip-hop to Mickey—yes, that guy from Disney.

Fun fact: This very cool Disney-themed jersey is a shirt dress, but you can wear it, too, if you tuck it in your pants. IMAGE: H&M

Scott has always been a fan of The Happiest Place on Earth (“Disney is my life!”) and employs its popular characters to great effect, not just for design, but also to deliver the message.

“I love using these icons because they communicate beyond language. When I use an image of hip-hop Mickey, people immediately know what I mean. I can speak to people all over the world without words and they get it,” he says. 

For individual style 

Mickey Mouse in a backwards cap is, indeed, fun, but a pair of silver sequin trousers would be harder to wear. So how do you put these wild threads in the context of your normal life?

Just a few standout pieces worn all at once. (Tip: Choose just one.) IMAGE: H&M

You can think of it in these ways: It's always good to have more and more styles of dress in menswear.


More important, this collection is a celebration of who you are and not what a label or a designer or or an editor imagines you to be. 

“I’ve always used fashion as a way to express who I am and what I stand for. It’s so amazing that the world is evolving, and more men feel able to do the same,” Scott muses. “I’m so excited to see how men around the world make MOSCHINO [tv] H&M part of their own individual style.” 

As with all clothing, try it on to see if it fits. 



The Moschino [tv] H&M collection drops on November 8 at select H&M stores.

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