How To Match Your Outfits With Your S.O. Without Looking Cheesy

Twinnning without looking like twins.

So, you’re going on a Valentine’s date and she wants both of you to coordinate. Or, maybe you’re attending an event together, like a wedding, and somehow you want to look like a unit.

These situations pretty much call for matching outfits, but maybe not too matching, you silently protest. After all, where do you draw the line between coordinated and cheesy?

For starters, coordinated outfits don’t have to mean identical ensembles; none of those corny “His and Hers” shirts that usually pop up around Valentine’s Day please. There is a way for you to “twin” without actually looking like, well, twins. Here's how:

1|  Follow the same dress code

Trousers, Mango H.E.; shirt, Uniqlo; shoes, Pedro; watch, Bremont

Whether you’re headed to a daytime wedding or a romantic rooftop date, both of you should be dressed on the same level of formality (or informality). If you have dinner reservations and the wife’s got her dress and high heels on, you’ll look rather ridiculous in the jeans and sneakers you’re always decked out in. Agree whether you’re dressing up or down, and go from there. Please also follow the dress code—you don’t want to both show up in cocktail chic if the invitation explicitly states black tie. 


2| Never match textures

Jacket and jeans, Mango H.E.; watch, Miansai; shoes, Wolverine

This especially goes for fabrics like denim or leather. Just because she’s donning her jean jacket doesn’t necessarily mean you have to follow, lest you run the risk of looking like you’re both wearing Halloween costumes. Instead, pair her denim outfit with a similar garment, like a sturdy chore coat. 

3| But you can do the same color in different garments

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Trousers and sport coat, Ralph Lauren; eyeglasses, Mujosh; shoes, Carmina Shoemaker

If she really wants to wear the same color, just make sure they’re on different garments: She can do a gray tartan mini skirt, while you can wear a gray sport coat or blazer. This trick may also work with patterns.

4| Or just go for different shades

Shirt and sweater, Brooks Brothers; shoes, Adidas; pants, Mango H.E.

There’s no need to scour the racks for the exact shade of turquoise that’s as blue as the Pacific Ocean (no matter how much she insists); lay off the costume-y look and opt for different shades, instead. If she wants to put on pastel pink, complement her choice by going for a preppy salmon that’ll make you look like a yacht-owning WASP. Finish the look with a light blue shirt, khakis, and white tennis shoes. 

5| Just stick to a common feel


Watch, Hermès; shoes, Bass; coat and pants, Mango H.E.

The easiest and least gimmicky way of coordinating your clothes is sticking to a common feel. Agree on a color palette, a range of fabrics, or even a destination. If the wife decides on a white, off-shoulder cotton jumpsuit like she’s summering in the Hamptons, suit her ensemble with a navy safari jacket and suede tassel loafers. This way, you match without painting the obvious.

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