Weren't These 5 Hot Menswear Trends Just Recently Considered Ugly?

Bust out your cargo pants, white jeans, and band T-shirts.
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We’ve already established that ugly sneakers are cool again, but how about its more dated friends, the cargo pants and the shiny going-out shirt? Defying the rules of menswear, some pieces you might've dismissed as costume-y have made a full-on resurgence (there's no hope, however, for your shiny shirt, no matter how much fun you had in it). This list is for anyone lwho want to show a bit of personality. Here's how to look like you know what you're doing.  

1| Cargo Pants

Aigle multi-pocket DFT cargo trousers 

These aren't your ’90s parachute pants, but they still have their utilitarian convenience. Upgrades in fit and design make them useful, and not only for road trips. With the right elements, they can work for casual Fridays, too. 

Look for: Sleeker fabrics like stretch twill. Check the pocket placement. These have a total of six, including four press-stud pockets, but the pockets have been moved around to keep the straight-cut silhouette. The fit should be just like your jeans: slimmer through the leg and tapered or hemmed at the ankle. As for colors, steer clear of ROTC greens and camp master khakis. 


Pull it off: A knit pullover and Chelsea boots take your cargos from camping grounds to city. We know it's tempting, but don't overstuff the pockets. 


2| White Jeans

American Eagle Outfitters Extreme Flex Slim Jean 

In 2017, white jeans are in the same league as Chelsea boots and bomber jackets—they are the new standbys for instant style. This requires confidence plus the right technical details. It's really how you pull it off.

Look for: Go for a tapered straight fit in a cut that sits just above your hips to visually trim bulk around it and the thighs. You want the material to be soft and thin, preferably double-rinsed and densely woven denim so it reflects less light (meaning it isn't blindingly white and won't show your underwear). 

Pull it off: For a day-to-night affair, wear it with a soft T-shirt and something equally casual like suede boots or white lace-up sneakers (for a monochrome effect). Top it off with an accessory like a necklace with a pendant, and it becomes less ice cream man and more model off-duty. Feeling lucky? Dress it up with a printed shirt and Beatle boots. Lastly, don't be so precious about them. A little dirt never hurt anybody. 

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3| Statement Shirt  

Zara printed shirt 

Here's a trend that's been around for months; loud tropical, floral, and animal skin prints have made their appearance on T-shirts and camp collared shirts, so you know it's not just for your lolo on holiday. Want to stand out at an industry event, a night out, a first date, or even a wedding? Cop this shirt. Here's how to do it without being obnoxious.  

Look for: Purple and metallic silver leopard print? Maybe not. The statement print already calls enough attention; you don't want it to scream. Keep the colors subdued.  

Pull it off: A button-down variation can turn chinos and sneakers into a proper outfit. These also allow your black trousers to look supremely cool as well as take 20 years off a navy blue suit. It's loud on its own, so keep the rest of your outfit pared down with neutral hues and classic silhouettes.  



4| Band T-shirt

Topman Amplified Washed Gray Rod Stewart T-Shirt 

Trade your basic gray crewneck for something a little more rock 'n' roll, something that just speaks for itself. But it shouldn't be cheesy (we're still against ironic and brand-name T-shirts). 

Look for: Don't be that guy in a Ramones logo shirt (you know which one) who has never heard of the punk rock pioneers. This might be obvious, but it needs repeating: You have to actually like or, at least, know the songs of the artist on the T-shirt. You also want the fabric to be of good quality (super soft) and the print a bit worn. 

Pull it off: You can't go wrong with a pair of slim-straight jeans. Add a rugged denim jacket and Chelsea boots if you're wearing the look at night. Slip-on sneakers and cheeky cotton shorts are the more laidback choices. Just replace the jacket with a soft, vintage-like hoodie. In the grand tradition of Kanye West, you can always wear your band T-shirt with sweats. Pristine white kicks will make you look polished, while a piece of jewelry adds swagger. 



5| Anything Corduroy

Mango corduroy organic cotton jacket 

Corduroy is nerdy by association thanks to the outsiders it kept warm in the ’70s. But the tables have turned, and now it has become the cool kid of fabrics just because Italian hotshots, Brunello Cucinelli, Prada, and Armani, said so. Here's how you can keep it current for daily wear. 

Look for: It has to be sharp and tailored. Think modern silhouettes. For jackets, sportswear elements are good. For bottoms, stick with trousers. Go for colors that look intentional.  

Pull it off: Throw on a boxy corduroy jacket over a monochromatic, all-black tee-and-jeans combo for something effortlessly unpredictable. In the right fit, corduroy looks as rich as a suit. Break it up with a printed collared shirt or a flimsy plain T-shirt.

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