How to Pull off Pastels: Real Men Wear Pink

Drop the dated notions of what men can and can’t wear.

Pastels have long been a staple of the moneyed and preppy set who frolick in vacation homes over summer. But it’s not quite the case for most of the male population, who prefer to stick to the stereotypically macho range of blue, black, and gray.

While you can’t go wrong with muted tones, something a little more candy-hued is perfect for sunny weather. Don’t be afraid of  pinks, gentlemen! Here’s how to pull off color effortlessly. 

1| Choose one color

IMAGE: Uniqlo/ Zara/ Mango

Jacket by H.E. by Mango; shirt and pants by Uniqlo; shoes by Zara

If you’re especially new to injecting color into your wardrobe, choosing one pastel color, whether as a monochromatic look or paired with a neutral shade like gray, won't appear shocking, but instead keep the ensemble strong. Monochrome works well with athleisure outfits, but for a striking, smart-casual look, don a pink shirt with gray or navy trousers. 



2| Pair it with white
Pastels tend to stand out when paired with white, and with good reason: They are, after all, base colors mixed with white. The easiest and most fool-proof way to do this? Rock a pair of classic white sneakers. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, incorporate white accents through accessories such as a cap or a pair of socks. 

IMAGE: Mango/ Zara/ Nike

T-shirt and pants by H.E. by Mango; cap by Zara; shoes by Nike


3| Keep the fit relaxed

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IMAGE: Mango/ Uniqlo/ Zara

Jacket and pants by H.E. by Mango; shirt by Uniqlo; shoes by Zara

No longer confined to the world of blacks and grays, streetwear now thrives in pastels, thanks to loose and relaxed fits. Even when you’re not killing it in joggers and a sweatshirt, there are ways to wear pastels in the new fit, like tucking a linen shirt into baggy chinos that are cuffed at the ankles. Slack and baggy clothing counters the traditionally feminine silhouettes pastels are normally associated with, lending colors a more androgynous look and an easygoing vibe. 


4| Go all out in a suit

If the laidback threads just won’t do, make a statement and step out in a pastel suit like a true dandy. Go for a suit in linen or seersucker cotton for daytime wear—ideal for country weddings, brunch meetings, a casual dress code, or simply standing out among the crowd.

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