How to Tell When You’ve Found a Good Pair of Swim Shorts

The three things to take note of.
How to Tell When You’ve Found a Good Pair of Swim Shorts

As the ancient adage goes, “Not all swim shorts are created equal—or flattering.” With the summer heat beating down, finding a good pair of bottoms you can wear in and out of the water becomes crucial. And if being particular about your shorts was never your thing, finding that perfect pair becomes a life-changing event. That’s because not many guys realize the impact an excellent pair of swim shorts has on one’s summer experiences. Every single detail, from the material to the cut, plays a part in what you do—and who you do it with. Here’s how:

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1. Fabric dictates flexibility.

The fabric technology on your shorts has a massively understated effect on your summer activities. The Quick Dry fabric in Marks & Spencer’s line of swim shorts, for instance, allows you to dry off more quickly even without using a towel. That means you can go for a quick lap, catch some sun for a few minutes, then head straight to the bar without water trailing behind you.

2. Fit dictates freshness.

A well-fitting pair of swim shorts ensures that your gut isn’t the main attraction. Its waistline is always flattering, and the legs create a sleeker silhouette around your thighs. A well-constructed pair of shorts also looks good whether it’s wet or dry—it won’t cling around awkward areas or ride up your legs.

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3. Style dictates company.

While there are people in your life who couldn’t care less about the shorts you wear, the one person who should care is you. Looking good leads to feeling good; which in turn attracts more people to your positivity. Shorts that work well with your body type can do this for you, especially at social events involving getting wet, so a good pair is worth their weight in social gold.

Keep these three principles in mind—fabric, fit, and style—the next time you’re shopping for a new pair of swim shorts. Don’t just grab the first pair you see on the rack. Check out Marks & Spencer’s line of men’s swim shorts this summer, and you might just find the perfect ones for you. Clothes maketh the man, after all, and that holds true both on land and on water.

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