How to Wear a Leather Jacket Without Looking Like a Douche

Don’t get carried away by its coolness.

1| As with anything, fit is everything. Leather jackets, especially motorcycle jackets, need to fit right for them to look as cool as they do in the movies. Which is to say they need to fit slimmer and a little shorter than your usual jacket. Anything else would defeat the purpose of wearing a leather jacket.

How to do it: Don’t settle for anything less than the perfect fit. Too big and you’d look like an old man who finally saved up enough money to buy the jacket he wanted 40 years ago. Too tight and you’d look like a douche who really insisted on that leather jacket. The perfect fit should look effortless.

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2| Protect your neck. We live in a tropical country, which means that unless you’re some kind of sartorial masochist, you’re going to want to wear a T-shirt under your leather jacket on most days. All well and good, but make sure to wear a round neck—not a V-neck or a scoop-neck or a boat-neck. Even if you think you have the chest for it, don’t. The leather jacket is enough of a flex—only a douche would take it a step further with a flirtatious T-shirt.

How to do it: There’s always the option of wearing your leather jacket as a third layer over a decent collared button-down and an undershirt, but save that for the mall or the office, where the air-conditioning provides you with life support.



3| Match your leathers. Just like shoes, belts, wallets, and watchstraps, it’s important to match your leathers: black with black and brown with the same shade of brown. Even the type of leather (pebbled, full-grain, or distressed) needs to match. This rule is steadfast and set-in-stone—no amount of confidence can keep mismatched leathers from looking amateur.

How to do it: Some rules aren’t meant to be broken. This is one of them.

If you’re looking for more inspiration on the right way to wear a leather jacket, take cues from some of history’s most noteworthy leather lovers:

Pharrell Williams


Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner


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