4 Essential Coats That Show You're At Home In Winter


Winter's a funny thing: It drives people from cold countries to search for warmer climes, while we here in the tropics go searching for snow. Weather-swapping is hip, you guys. 

But winter coats can be baffling—not to mention costly—addition to your wardrobe. So we've narrowed it down to the four essentials any man will ever need. Pick one to suit your destination.

1| The Overcoat  

Think Idris Elba in Luther or Daniel Craig in general life. An overcoat is warm, practical, and if you choose the right fabric and pattern, it'll give life and texture to any outfit. We're talking herringbone or houndstooth. Plus, you can add a scarf for that extra detective drama vibe without dampening your coat style. 

The added beauty of the overcoat is that it works well over suits (if you're travelling for business or are otherwise required to be formal) but paired with chelsea boots, jeans, and a cotton crewneck jumper, it will elevate your dressed-down look too. 


Burchale overcoat, Kilcreggan chelsea boots, Thurso backpack, Sandleford space dye T-shirt, Cashmoor skinny jeans, all Jack Wills


2| The Peacoat  

Originating from the Dutch word 'pije' (which basically means a coat made from durable wool fabric), the peacoat became popular after it was adopted from the British navy to normal life. Keeping mariners warm for well over 150 years, this high collar classic probably has you covered when it comes to leisurely strolls. 

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Embrace its versatility. Going to a formal event? Achieve peak sleek by pairing the color of your jacket to a matching poloneck and tailored trousers. Feeling more casual? Pair with a chunky knit jumper, denim shirt, or crewneck top. And if you want to break the mold, you could go with a longline version, also known as a double-breasted bridge coat a la Spectre's James Bond for that same button formation with extra length.

Brownson wool peacoat, Kilpatrick desert book, Collier Mr Wills cap, Belwether color block scarf, Knutsford crewneck jumper, all Jack Wills


3| The Puffer 


The rise of the puffer jacket, or down jacket, came to its ascent back in the 1990s under rightful hip-hop authority. For all its street credibility, your average adult man has often wondered how they can pull off the bulky Michelin man silhouette. But, considering that this jacket can pretty much battle all the elements, we know you've been tempted. 

The secret is to streamline everything else. Paired with slim jeans, boots, a roll neck—if it's particularly nippy, a cardigan on top—and balance will always be restored. Plus, if you go for a cropped puffer jacket, your options widen significantly. Think: hoodies, shirts, T-shirts, jumpers—and even a suit. 

Puffer Jacket, Ickenham 3 pack socks, Kirkham slim jeans, Dundry HW flannel check shirt, all Jack Wills; 1500 Made in UK trainers, New Balance


4| The Bomber 


The military staple, once called the MA-1, was a typical pilot uniform but is now strictly the territory of the modern man. Contemporary cuts are now slim-fit and rarely made of leather as its predecessor once was, instead, being replaced with nylons and cottons. Nowadays, the only thing that lets you know a jacket is a bomber is its ribbed collar and cuffs. And, as they now come in a variety of colors and patterns, you'll want to keep the rest of your look neutral. Keep it relaxed with chinos or, even sweatpants, and pair with a jumper, trainers, and a beanie for classy casual. 

Don't dismiss the power of the bomber for formal occasions either as layered on top of slim trousers, cropped at the ankle and a shirt (all in natural tones) with brogues or dress shoes, and you can easily attend your mate's engagement dinner in one. Mix and match looks for smart casual and you'll see why Google searches for this particular style have upped 500 percent this year. 


Flight jacket, Chesterton holdall, Charlbury single rib sock, Barberry slim chinos, Mitchel colour block beanie, £24.95, all Jack Wills

This story originally appeared on Esquire.co.uk. Edits have been made by the Esquire Philippines editors.

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