How I Dress Now: The Retailer Who Believes That Dressing Well Is a Form of Respect

The co-founder of Signet isn't as conventional as you'd think.

Despite being the co-founder of Signet—the men's lifestyle store that offers everything tailored, bespoke, and handmade—Jason Qua's style isn't as clean as you'd expect it to be. He is, after all, also a part of Regiment, which you could describe as Signet's more casual brother. We caught up with the retailer to discuss Japanese workwear, his ever-evolving style, and his no-nonsense grooming routine.

He has a deep appreciation for Japanese workwear.

"I usually do a mix of workwear. I'm inspired by Japanese workwear with a touch of sartorial. It all stems from my interest in Japanese streetwear. I became more familiar with the sartorial side when we started Signet with my partners."

His style is ever-changing, ever-evolving.

"Growing up, I wore a lot of runners: Air Maxs and basketball shoes. And, a lot of colored shirts. But, I would say my style is constantly evolving. Now, I think I've gone through the different stages of styles. I've found that I'm really more comfortable just mixing a bit of everything."


He's pretty casual when it comes to every day.

"A daily uniform for me would be Luca Avitabile polo shirt. Then, usually, I wear it with Resolute jeans. I'm in Resolute 710 jeans most of the time. I really like it because you can dress it however you want. You can dress it up or dress it down. For my footwear, I switch from either an Alden Chukka or a Paraboot Chambord."


Especially when it comes to grooming.

"I used to really put on a lot of pomade. These days, not so much. These days, it's mostly a simple cleanse. I make sure I get sunblock. That's all you need, really."

He'd take advice from contemporary menswear heroes.

"Currently, I like what Michael Hill of Drake's is doing. I also really admire the style of Ethan Newton of Bryceland's. I think those are the guys that, for me, are defining an interesting style."


He sticks with the classics for night's out.

"I usually stick with a dark navy suit for something like a wedding. Then, I just play with the colors of the tie and the pocket square. For more casual events, non-wedding ones that require me to be a bit more dressed up, I just put on a sportscoat from Sartoria Dalcuore. I wear that again with Resolute jeans, with loafers or maybe mid-gray trousers from Ambrosi Napoli."


To him, shoes are the most essential.

"A well-made pair of shoes is a good starting point. Maybe a nice suede loafer from Alden would be my pick. It's quite versatile."

And, dressing well is a form of respect.

"I feel like dressing well shows my respect to whoever I meet, whether it be in meetings, social events, or just walking along the street. I try my best to make sure I'm at least presentable whenever I step out of the house. Being well-groomed, being dressed well are ways to show respect to whoever I meet outside."

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