For Christmas, consider giving your Significant Other this 2-million peso gift

IMAGE John Hardy

If you're going to burn your bank account on a piece of jewelry, it's better to choose one with a little more ceremony or a rich statement behind it, so it can do all the grand gestures for you. You might think of it as a statement piece, but with the holidays in full swing, a chain of gold or silver with luminous and expressive patterns can tell one heck of a story, creating a powerful bond between the wearer and the grandeur of its history.  

Classic Chain Graduated Necklace

At John Hardy which hails from Balinese tradition, chain weaving is an intricate process that starts when a design concept is first imagined, etched in several pencil sketches which are then developed into watercolor illustrations. These designs gain shape once carved in jeweler’s wax, with an exacting technique that can take up to several weeks.

In the hands of the artisan, precious metals and alluring stones are shaped into highly textured chain links, reflecting the evocative symbols of jade and lapis lazuli. Only the most masterful artisans assemble the pieces into one singular piece of jewelry, after which the chain twists into a perfect symmetry of resilience and balance.


There’s something about knowing a piece of jewelry’s origin that adds to its allure, lending an irresistible weight that makes you feel like you're part of a larger traditiona legacy, if you will. Take John Hardy's modern silver chain bracelets, which transmit creative energy from the artisans of Bali to whoever is fortunate enough to wear them. 

Modern Chain Bracelet, Gold and Silver Chain Bracelet, Modern Chain Bracelet. All in Sterling Silver and Sterling Silver bonded with 18K.

And for the bold and fearless man, always in pursuit of the next adventure: Spectacular baubles make one-of-a-kind pieces in John Hardy's Men's Collection, which exudes power and masculinity in bracelets that are strong and unbreakable, resulting in sterling silver, lustrous leather, and powerful stone beads. Large, heavier links comprise the men’s pieces, but nonetheless remain versatile and ideal for all occasions and everyday wear. 

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John Hardy collections are available at Rustan’s Makati, Rustan’s Shangri-La, and Rustan’s Ayala Center Cebu.

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