Justin Bieber Gets a Face Tattoo, and Post Malone Sells Crocs

We'd like to apologize for making you aware of these things.

While you were snoring in bed or praying for the dead, several bewildering moments were recorded in the annals of style. You can consider these as the (sad) detritus of the past days or, really, the facts that perfectly describe the times we live in right now. 

You can also use these bits of information as the perfect icebreaker in your back-to-work meeting later: "Linda, do you know about Bieber's face tatt?"

Are you having fun yet? Welcome to Monday. 

Crocs and Post Malone Make Shoes With Face Tattoos

Footwear company Crocs collaborated with SoundCloud rapper Post Malone for a version of the ugly-cool rubber clog that sold out, according to reports, in just 10 minutes.

This is a sentence that makes sense. Promise.

Of late, the shoemaker has been experiencing a resurgence aided by an undying wave of ugly sneakers, dirty style, and anything-goes fashion.

In fact, it's been co-signed by legitimately cool and very fashion labels such as Balenciaga, Rick Owens, and Christopher Kane, all of whom have made special-edition Crocs, which included a bubble-gum-pink, elevator-style clog (Balenciaga, of course—it sold out immediately, too). 


Now, Post Malone is the musical artist with the words “Stay Away” and “Always Sleepy” tattooed on his soft face (he's not to be confused with Lil Xan, 6IX9INE, and other rappers who also have stuff on their faces).

Posty has also achieved mainstream success with two number songs on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, “Rockstar” and “Psycho,” and is considered by some as an alternative fashion hero who wears wacky clothing with a neckbeard. 

As for the shoe itself: It's a yellow, white, or black clog with an all-over pattern of a devil boy. There are also six Jibbitz charms, including the “Stay Away” tattoo, that can be affixed to the shoe. 

It certainly looks fun, but we're not sure how it would fare on the feet. Post Malone styles his with a with a white sock. Maybe you can wear it like this? Crocs promises to restock the shoe soon. Will you get one? 

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Justin Bieber Gets a Tattoo and Shaves his Head

Despite a full schedule of crying at weird places and doing pushups at random places, singer Justin Bieber managed to accomplish three style-related news in recent days. 

First, he unveiled a new piece from his upcoming clothing line: a black hoodie adorned with a yellow smiley face whose mouth is cruelly replaced with the words “DREW.” 

Drew, in this case, is not the past tense of the word "draw," but the middle name of 24-year-old human person Justin Drew Bieber.

Back in February, the singer trademarked “Drew” as well as “The House of Drew” and “La Maison Drew” as possible names of his label. Apart from this style, which he wore while on a run in Los Angeles, two other pieces have been found: a yellow hoodie and a yellow T-shirt with “drew” emblazoned across the chest. 

More exciting (or troubling) is this: Beiber immortalized his love for Hailey Baldwin with a delicate face tattoo situated just above one of his eyebrows. Speaking to Page Six, celebrity tattoo artist Bang Bang, who did the ink, reports that rumored wife Baldwin also got one, making the pair of ink an official couple's set.


We don't need to tell you that couple ink and face tattoos are bad ideas.

And on a sad note, Beiber got rid of his DGAF hair in favor of a buzzcut. While we are fans of the wake-and-up-and-go length, we kind of miss his unkempt locks. Dare we say that the surfer bum look worked on him?

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